Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I am so excited that I am finally done with cosmetology school after 2 long years and 2100 school hours. (Nebraska  has one of the highest hour requirements for cosmetologist in the country, way more than California and New York just for an FYI.) So I am super proud of myself! 
In this time period of January 2011 to March 2013 I...
-Turned 21. Bad news for a self proclaimed "party-girl" in hair school, where you have to be there every day of the week including Saturday's and if you miss or forget to call in late you were suspended... My school didnt F*#% around ;)
-Had my first serving job where most nights we didnt get to leave until after 2 a.m.
-Met my L O V E!
-Became pregnant and went through my whole pregnancy on my feet for 35 hours a week and worked a job as a salon receptionist up until my last week of pregnancy. I finally took my maternity leave exactly one week before Harper was born because I couldnt physically and mentally take it anymore!
-Became a Mommy and took a seven month leave from school because I just couldnt imagine not being with my precious human 24/7.
And finally I went back and conquered Xenon and I couldn't be more proud of myself!!

Its tradition on your last day at my school that your station gets decorated, you dress a little nicer, and your family and friends pretty much just come hangout and get their hair done. It was a great day and of course Harper was the star of the show!

Family Picture.

Harper, Me and one of my favorite Instructors!

My decorated station, with crowns of course, and my Mom in foils. Lol.

Little Miss Popular.

Clocking out for the last time!! YAY!!


  1. Congrats! Harper is lucky to have such a hard working & dedicated momma :)

  2. Congrats on Graduation!
    I only have until April 26th and I'll be finished, too!!!!!

    1. Thanks lady!! You will be done so soon!!! Congrats to you too!

  3. Congrats! I cannot wait to graduate, I still have a year though. Way to go girl!!!

    1. Thank you! It will go by fast and you will feel so much better once your done!! Good Luck girl!

  4. Congrats girl! So happy for you!! And I love your last post with the Easter tutu! LOVE tutus :)