Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Harper Turns Ten Months!!! {tomorrow} ;)

This girl is turning TEN months old tomorrow!
I am in complete and utter denial... I'm sad but happy at the same time. Sad that she is growing and changing so quickly from my sweet beautiful newborn to my silly, talkative, walking, big girl! Yes walking! She took her first two steps last night and I melted into a puddle while she grinned with pride and joy! She is my pride and joy and I love her more everyday which I am not sure is possible but somehow I do.

Saying "Mama"
 This pretty girl weighs about 18 pounds and is 27 inches tall. She talks non stop but not really real words except for "HI" and "Yeah" and "Mama" when shes whining for Me. She acts very shy and quiet at first and then when she gets comfortable, she does not stop jabbing! (I think she got that from Me...) She does this thing where if people are talking she will talk extra loud and then when everyone stops and we say, Harper tell us your stories, she completely stops and gives you the sweetest smile like, What... Its so effing cute!!
She is so smart and inquisitive. She learns things so quickly and her favorite toy right now is the ring stacker and her new baby doll from Grandma. She stacks and unstacks those rings all day long and now she loves on her baby and gives it kisses. So sweet. We has been giving kisses for a couple months now but only to her stuffed animals and the dogs when we tell her "kiss". She opens her mouth and leans her head in, I Love IT. And now shes getting better at giving us kisses. I pretty much ask her all day long for kisses, big, sloppy, wet, teethy kisses. MY FAV :)
Her eyes are everything!
 She is still nursing which I absolutely love and she only eats Earth's Best jarred baby food or the pouches maybe only twice a day. She also loves puffs of every kind and yogurt melts. She drinks out of a sippy cup all by herself and she just recently has discovered she can drink out of straws. She can only drink out of the big ones, like the ones that come in the cups you get at the hospital. She cant figure out regular straws...

My curious busy bee.
She still does not sleep very good and still sleeps with Me in bed but last week I decided she needs to learn that she can be by herself and that we will always come back. I put her in her pack n play in our room and shut off the lights and setup the baby monitor on my iPAD and turn on her gloworm. At first she cried for about thirty minutes and was so pissed off but she eventually calmed down and just sat in there quietly and then fell asleep. After she was asleep, I would bring her back into bed with Me because i'm not ready for her to be in there all night (crazy mom alert). I do this every night and now she doesn't even cry. She just sits there for a good thirty minutes and listens to her music and eventually she falls asleep. This is amazing progress and actually she is waking up less during the night to eat so I am happy! She still only naps when someone is holding her but i'm going to start putting her in the crib upstairs for naps so I can actually get stuff done, but then again, I love our nap time cuddles so i'm torn...
 She is so amazing and every month just gets better and better. I cant believe she will be ONE in two months. I cant wait for her party but I would also love for her to stay a little princess forever!
This pretty much slays Me. Hands on knees. Cheesy smile. Be still my heart.


  1. Happy ten months!!! Harper and Waverly subs so similar - shy at first and then talkative as can be!! :)

    1. I think its so cute! If i'm holding her and someone she doesn't know talks to her she puts her head on my chest and smiles sweetly! I love it!

  2. Happy 10 months Harps!!!!! ;) you have one precious little baby on your hands Taylor!!! I'm dying over that last picture, oh. em. gee!!!!!

    1. Thank you love!!!! lol. That picture kills me too! :)