Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Makeup YouTubeR

Another Beauty Wednesday...
This is a little harder than I imagined. If I actually got dressed, did my hair and makeup daily, and looked semi decent it might be a little easier...but that's not reality right now so whatev's..
So I had planned to do a post on my new obsession.. SPRAY TANNING! Oh my I love it!!! I got a spray tan last week before we went on our trip and I was going to do before and after pics and then a pic everyday to see what it looked like till it was gone but of course I suck and that didn't happen so I am planning on getting another one within a week or two so I will hopefully be able to post a great spray tan review (which is obviously an amazing review because I am officially a spraytanorexic.)
But today I wanted to let you know about one of my other addictions. YouTube makeup/beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. I love watching YouTube tutorials on anything from makeup and hair to photo shop tutorials. YouTube is quite the amazing place as you probably already know ;). I found Jaclyn while browsing the Hair & Beauty tab on Pinterest, her video for Foundation Routine- How to get a Flawless Face came up and I had to know if this chick was for real so I watched it and became so amazed and addicted to her!! Her face really was beautifully flawless and she has this hilarious sense of humor and she is stunningly gorgeous. Ugh. Sorry do I sound like a stalker or what? But really I love watching her videos. She gives great tutorials and she actually knows what shes doing because she is a TRUE makeup artist. She loves M.A.C. products because I think she works for them but she also uses some drugstore finds which I like. Now she might not be for everyone because she does use a lot of different products and she always looks flawless even when she says, "this is just my every day look" and she looks like a million bucks (you don't want to see my "every day look") but I love the "I am wearing beautiful makeup look" so this girl is for Me! Ok, now I feel weird even writing this because I really do sound creepy but I just think she is a great tutorialist (I think I made that word up) and she has taught me some great tips and I have even bought my whole face routine from products she has recommended. So go watch her and thank Me later. Your Welcome! 
Do you guys have any favorite YouTuber's that you love? I want to know! :)


  1. I just watched like all of her videos, she is hysterical! Now I want to go buy makeup and practice all day! That's normal, right?! Haha ;)

    1. lol! Isn't she the funniest!!!!! I know, I always try to do what she does because she makes it look so good and easy but I just cant do it like her! hah!