Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where the hell is Spring?!?! Nails + Nurseries

Happy Beauty Wednesday!
Well I thought spring had sprung... The weather was in the 60's and 70's and then last night we had a shit show of a hail storm! Hail the size of ping pong balls just literally pounded us! It went from lightly raining all day to our house being played like a drum! Scary. Anyways, spring obviously went away because today is in the 40's and raining.. F. But we are headed on another trip to Texas in a couple days so my sandal and dresses will be out in full glory. ;) Speaking of sandals, I love a good mani + pedi but right now I am so in love with nail polish. I feel like I change my polish at least once a week! In the winter I usually stick to blacks, browns, and reds, but in the spring and summer I turn into a cartoon character. Neon's, glitter, brighty brights and I love it! These are my personal Essie favs right now. I do buy every nail polish brand out there (Sally Hansen, Revlon, Piggy Paint lol) but I typically stick to Essie, Zoya, and OPI because I get those brands at discount for being a cosmetologist. 

Mint Candy Apple: One of my favorite polishes of all time! Its like a Tiffany blue with a hint of mint. I could just eat it!
Navigate Her: Since green is the color of the year I love this limey hue for spring!
In the Cab-ana: This perfect Caribbean blue just makes me want to go on vacation to a tropical island. Gorge.
Madison Ave Hue: If this isn't the most perfect girly, Barbie, I'm perfect pink than I don't know what is!
Penny Talk: I am loving golds and bronzes lately. This penny color is perfect because its almost like rose gold and we all know rose gold is Bananas (in the words of the almighty fashion god Rachel Zoe.) I think she would approve ;)
What colors are you guys loving right now?? Please tell me!

Last weekend we also went to a local nursery (the flower kind) to look at flowers and pretend it was warm. This is a huge nursery in town and we wheeled Harper through the whole place and she loved it.. I think. She was good and she was looking around so she loved it ha! 

Gorgeous cactus.
Ma really?

No more pictures Please!!


  1. Love the title of this post!! Longest winter ever for us... and we still have so much snow!

  2. oooooo love your pretty nails!!!! please look at mine if you get a tick x o x o x o -