Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday EVE!!!

  Today is Harper's Birthday EVE. I cant believe it. I will probably say that a hundred times but I really cant... Funny silly story; I was watching TV a couple days ago and the commercial for the hospital that Harper was born at came on and it shows a lady walking in pregnant, her in the labor room, and then with her doctors, and then with her baby and I always get sentimental when I see this commercial just remembering back to the best days of my life but this time Harper was sleeping on me and I was watching it and just started bawling. It was just so surreal that I had just brought my baby home from that very same place and how could it have already been a year ago?!? I know it's a silly story but I'm sure you mama's can understand the emotion. Anyways on to Harp's birthday EVE. This morning I made muffins (and slightly burnt them of course) so that we could have a little muffin cake!

What is this Mom??
For Me??
Ok, I'll eat it!

The rest of the day we are just going to be lazy and Mommy has to do some last minute shopping (of course). I just want to be in the moment and savor every moment of my baby.


  1. Happy bday eve!!! Cherish these moments, momma!

  2. Happy Birthday Eve Miss Harper Jane!!!

  3. I love it!! My little guy is the same age as Harper!! Where did this last year go??!!! Crazy!!

    I was due on June 24th but Mace ended up coming on June 21st :))

    She is SO CUTE!!