Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Recap and Randomness!

 Another weekend gone, wah. This is a very rambly mess of a post but its pretty much my brain right now. I am still in disbelief that my sweet princess will be ONE in six days... oh my oh my. In. Shock. I could go on all day about "where has the time gone" "we just brought her home yesterday" etc. sigh... tear.
Me and Daddy went to the CWS and drank our butts off and had terrible hangovers the next day it was freaking awesome!! (Not the hangover part but the fun part!) We met up with friends and saw so many old friends. It made me feel my age again for a couple hours until I was wasted on like 3 beers and a fishbowl thing haha! Loserrrr!!! Of course I didn't take one picture which is so annoying to me now but in the moment I am just in the moment and I forget and blah blah I suck. Saturday Harps got a new pair of THESE Sperry's that are so damn cute!! She loves them and was walking all over Von Maur like she was hot stuff. (Well duh she is). Hehe. ;) and that is all folks. We have been pretty low key lately but it doesn't really feel like it because I am in full blown crazy party planning crafting mode! Yikes. It is stressful planning a first birthday party. And I only invited OUR friends, no family except my mom and dad and sister, niece, and uncle TK because they are in town for that weekend. But I just wanted to keep it simple and little. I hope it all comes together like I am seeing in it my head but we will see soon! That's all for now I spose.... I have so many things/ideas/thoughts I want to blog about but they get all jumbled in my brain and when I finally sit down to type I forget and so now I rambling about nothing. Oh random thought. I want to get Harpers ears pierced next week. I thought I wanted to wait until she was two like my mom did with my sister and I but she notices everyone's earrings and is gentle with them so I think she is ready. But now I am nervous and not sure.... What should I do!! Love you lotsys ladies!!!

Gorgeous Nebraska sunset I captured from my deck. I love summer!


  1. Sending lots of good birthday wishes from Sophia :)

  2. I lol'd about the hangovers. I haven't drank in so long, I'm probably a total light weight. Hehe