Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Family Pictures

Another week another excuse on why my blog is once again put on the back burner. I swear its a good excuse, mommas making that money honey. LOL. OK, not really but I have 26 sessions this month alone!! ahhh, Feeling so blessed, but stressed. wah. Anyways I also have another reason to feel extremely blessed; my amazing and beautiful family that I just adore!!! (obvi.) 
We had family pictures taken a few weeks ago and lets just say it didn't go as I had (fully) visioned. Harper had just gotten her first ear infection only days before, she was crabby and she is also going through a MEGA "if your a stranger don't even think about saying anything to me otherwise I will scream" moment. Not even exaggerating. As soon as my friend/photographer Brett said "Hi" to her, she was dunzo. She literally screamed and cried, like full on trembling cried 85% of the session. No matter what we did she just cried harder and harder. I just had to tell Brett, just take the pic because its not going to get any better... ahh. I wanted to also burst into tears after all my planning of outfits and props for weeks before.. (Another first world prob right?) So there it is, that's our story of these photos of my sweet fam and I really am head over heels in love with these photos!! Even though Harps is not her usual self, I feel like that's what pictures are all about. Capturing specific times in your life and I know I will always look back on these gorgeous images and giggle about how hysterical she was over getting her picture taken. ;) Funny thing is, when I was around this age I had a meltdown too every time I would see a camera so every pic of me is either crying or hiding my face! haha. Like Mother like Daughter. 
P.S.- I love this new tradition of family pics every few months and I am already planning (in my mind) our next spring session. :) Check out our last session HERE 

Harper's Outfit
Momma's Outfit
dress | ankle boots, last year (similar) | flower crown | boots
Daddy's Outfit

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