Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Harper goes to "School" ;)

Harper has finally flew the nest! hehe. Ok, just hold your horses, not really. But to me I feel like I have just sent my baby to college... HA. Dramatic much?!?! Actually, she has just started a Mom's Day Out program at a local church once a week for a few hours and we have both been loving it. 
So a little back story as to why I think this is such a big deal is because since she has been born, I just haven't been able to leave her side. For the first six month I would barely even leave her with her Dad to run to the store. I was just too attached (physically and mentally I suppose, LOL). I refuse for her to go to a daycare and be in the care of some "stranger" so that is why I have always stayed home even though financially I probably should be "working" but emotionally, its never gonna happen. I am extremely anxious and every little thing gives me anxiety, especially when it comes to the safety of Harper. So for Me, sending Harper to a place where I wasnt in complete control and had no idea really what my sweet girl was doing was beyond frightening. Poor boogs is also very anxious and does not do too well around strangers and I just know that has something to do with always being with four (daddy & I and grandparents) constant people in her life. Its not like we never leave the house and socialize but you catch my drift right?! 
So when I finally mustered up the courage to find a place, I found the perfect christian setting where the people are so welcoming and warm and the facility is amazing! It even has a full on indoor play gym! I was so impressed and Harper actually warmed up quickly to the teachers and I just knew it was a fit. 
She has now been going for three weeks and I think she is really loving it! The first day was hard to drop her off because she wasn't sure and their were some tears from miss H but as soon as she was distracted by some Lego's, I snuck out. I really didn't know what to do with myself for three hours so I just sat there and relaxed. Yup, super productive. At the end of those three hours I could not wait to pick her up and see how the day went. When I walked in she was being held by one of her sweet teachers and saying Momma! They said the beginning was rough but overall she had a great first day. Oh, and her very first "school" picture! I died!!! Every time since then just gets better and better and I am so excited to see her flourish!!
Harper's First Day of School!!!! 2-11-14
Of course before she could start I had to purchase the essentials like a backpack, new cups, and monogram vinyl decals. Duh... ;)
At first I just picked up this Skip Hop Zoo backpack because I didn't have time to find a more personalized one like I wanted. I like this one, but I wanted something more girly for my girly girl! We then received the cutest backpack from Personal Creations that was just perfect for my doll loving little.

How adorable is her new personalized Harper doll backpack!!!! 
This really is the perfect little toddler backpack because it fits her little body perfectly and has just enough room for those little human essentials. I usually pack diapers, boogie wipes, extra clothes, bib, pacifier, socks, her cup, and it all fits perfectly with even a little wiggle room for extras!
She loves saying "doll!" and giving her hugs! 

Pointing to her bows :)

I also found these glitter monogram vinyl decals to put on all of her sippy cups and I am so happy with how they turned out. Super easy to apply and they have been through the wash several times and no budge! 

Love you all! Thanks for reading and supporting our family through all of our little adventures. It means a lot to us! :) xoxoxo

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