Monday, March 31, 2014

Harper's Second Birthday; Ideas

April is tomorrow friends!! Yayaya! One day closer to warmer, greener, beautiful days! And now that it is only three months till Harper's second birthday I have been on a major planning spree! I know a little crazy but I need to start now because I am a terrible procrastinator and for the custom things I need ordered, I don't want to be waiting till the last minute like usual. We are actually not having a party but more of just a super fun filled day with H! To read more about our plans check out my post over at Confetti Babe Blog.

So this is my little palette of cuteness for her second birthday. I am obsessed with black and white everything (if you didn't notice, ahem, my blog; so happy I already found the perfect dress for only $4.95!!!!) and I wanted some bright and bold colors to go with the black and white. Of course I have to incorporate radiant orchid and some pinks and I wanted to add a pop of a sea foam and I am really in love with how my vision turned out. There will also be gold involved (like her salt waters) but that's just another obvious ;) And I can't forget to mention that my whole inspiration behind this "theme" was super colorful flowers against black and white if that makes sense, lol, so I am trying to incorporate that somehow. This striped headband from Little Miss Dessa is pretty much everything I've mentioned come to life! Since there won't be a party to plan I still want her to have a special birthday outfit (or two) and of course a special two year old photo shoot and I am also going to attempt a cake smash because I didn't do one last year. It might be the only two year old cake smash in history but whatever. YOTO right? (your only two once) haha.
For her cake smash I am thinking of doing it with a swimsuit since I think she might be a little too old for a nakey one but I also just really want this Mud Pie swimsuit because I mean, look at it!! And I have to incorporate another crown this year and to match this whole idea and of course a sparkly necklace from Lola and Darla Designs. I think thats enough "stuff" right?!
A plus of not spending tons of $$$ on a party is that we can afford a few more gifts which is a win for H. The first thing on our list is this amazing Smart Trike. (Thank you to my friend Natalie from Glitter & the Girls for posting this on Instagram and I have been intrigued ever since.) I just think its so perfect for a toddler that doesn't really enjoy the stroller anymore but would find this a lot more fun for zoo trips and walks to the park. Can't wait to get this. Also a fun easel for my little budding artist would be so perfect! And a few random things like a Doc Mcstuffins doctor kit and a princess bubble machine that I am sure will bring hours of fun. 

Woo. I am actually a lot less stressed already after typing this out. Now I can just come back to this page and start ordering. Thank you blog and internet for making my life so much easier. ;) I swear this blog is like my own digital planner and organizer sometimes. hehe. PS- Link me to any other black, white, & pretty colored flowery goodness if you see anything out there on the web! xoxoxo

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