Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our Road trip to Texas & Tenley's First Birthday Party

What day is it!? Lol. I honestly keep thinking its Monday...
I am so exhausted I can not even keep my eyes open. Let me just say, traveling with a toddler is some hard work. Thank goodness I had my parents help but I don't think I could ever do it alone. ah.
Anyways! We road tripped to Texas to visit my sisters family for my Nieces first birthday party and we has so much fun. It was a super quick weekend trip so Nick couldn't go with us because he's saving up his time off for my sisters wedding so we missed him so much. We left on Thursday afternoon and got there around 10 p.m. and let me just say, my passionate child who I thought was going to be a nightmare was a complete angel! Holy shit, she was so good! I am so proud of her I can't even express it! ;) Friday we hung out with my sister and Tenley and ran a few errands and did some last minute decorating. H had so much fun with her cousin now that they can both walk and are into the same things. It was a blast! Saturday was the big party and it was fab! It was a breakfast at Tiffany's theme (Breakfast at Tenley's) and my sister is so creative and put everything together perfectly. I do have to give myself some credit for coming up with the idea though, hehe! The party was fun but exhausting with 20 million kids and adults and blah blah, you know how a first birthday party goes. I will hopefully post her party pics this week because it deserves its own post. Sunday Tenley woke up really sick so we decided to leave and go to my grandparents house to spend time with them and let my sister and them relax. Its always so hard to say goodbye but we will hopefully be reunited in a few months. I did make a stop at Ikea to pickup the Ikea Latt Table which I have been wanting for quite sometime now but since I do not live anywhere near Ikea it was pretty much a must do on my list! I can't wait to spruce it up this week. More on that later. We finally got to my grandparents in Oklahoma and we finally just got to relax and do nothing! We made our way back home Monday, and it is sooo nice to be back home and in my own bed! I didn't take as many pictures as I always plan to in my head but I usually just get so caught up in the moment of being there that I totally forget about my phone which to me is OK. I love being in the moment and these are the memories that I hope will always be there in my head! So here's our trip in iPhone pictures!

On the way...
Stay Gold Tee Headband

Good Morning! Story time with aunt Tera.
Harper, I push you! :)
They are already pro shoppers!
So worn out from shopping. She never took a full nap for at least 3 days...
A little momma selfie in my kardashian-esque hat ;) with lots of filters, #manyfilters haha
A quiet moment with Momma. 
Harper's adorable outfit for Tenley's party!
Outfit Headband Silver Heels
The only picture I got of them the whole day... Total fail but we were so busy!
And now we have to buy a water table because little miss was in love with one of Tenley's gifts!
My sweet niece with her momma and daddy!
Tenley is ONE!!
I miss these girls laughing at each other and playing!
Just a quick meltdown while grandma ran into the store. uh oh.
Every time I look at this pic I think she's thinking, B, don't steal my fries ;) haha
Watching toons on great grandmas bed. 
On our way home...
and now my new favorite picture! Her and her aunt are shoe freaks so this book is very fitting and of course was a gift from the best auntie ever!

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