Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It’s The Little Things {Puddle Jumping}

The last two days have been very dreary, cold, and rainy. This kinda weather can make me feel lazy and tired but I also kinda love these days! Yesterday when the rain had mostly stopped, we went outside for a bit to find some puddles. Since it had only been drizzling pretty much all day there weren’t many puddles but we found a small hole in the sidewalk to try and splash around in. I was teaching Harper to jump in it but she would just put her foot in it and say oooohh. ;) She did try to touch it but I told her it was icky water and she quickly changed her mind. She also finally got to wear her Copper River Fleece jacket that came all the way from Alaska where my Dad lives. Perfect for a chilly day! I can’t wait for another rainy day to go find some actual puddles to go jump around in! 

I was showing her how to hide from the rain by the dry patch under the garage. And then she literally was “hiding” ;)

Thanks to Ashley & Jess for a great link up!!

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