Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Harper's Birthday + Freshly Picked Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes for our little Harps!! 
We had the best day celebrating together as a family and spoiling our babe all day with lots of fun!! We decided to do just a fun day of treats and toys instead of doing a party this year and it was a much better, relaxed, fun day. I highly recommend it! ;) And now a flood of the fun!!!

First H had a special donut and chocolate milk breakfast before seeing her prezzies. We ended up getting her the Smart Trike and a baby doll and she was over the moon with both!

Then she went to school for a few hours to play with her friends and show them her new baby! ;)

After school we made a quick stop to pick up her lunch of choice, cheese ritz crackers and milk... Alrighty then, its your birthday so whatever. After a little car lunch we headed to the kids salon for a pedi. I paint her toes all the time and she sits super well for me but I was nervous how she would do with someone else, and she did great! She picked a sparkly purple color and she loved the waters and the bubbles. It was sooo cute to see! Not pictured are the terrible nail painting that I took off as soon as we got home, yup, I was maaaad :/

Can you say DIVA?!?
Nap time was the next plan on the agenda and it was much needed for H and Mommy, hehe! After her nap she woke up super grumpy but we decided to still keep with the plan of going to our favorite restaurant Kona for happy hour (not like "bar" happy hour, more like half priced sushi rolls and other yummy favorites on the enclosed patio. And of course drinks, duh! Its an Omaha family thing I guess) but it was a disaster. She was mad the whole time, only wanted to get down and walk around and lots of screaming and crying. I finally just had them bring her a bowl of ice cream and a candle and I sang Happy Birthday and she ate her treat. Why didn't I do that at the beginning? Lesson learned and she was happy as a bird with french fries!

Once she was back to happy mode we headed to the mall to go make a furry friend at Build-a-Bear! We have never taken her there but once she saw it she was in heaven!!! She was so smiley and twirley and I think she touched every single thing in there. I thought she would just pick any ole bear or whatever but she was actually very selective with which one she wanted. She picked a princess palace pet kitty, and of course she's pink and pretty! The employees were so sweet and she had a great time building her kitty. We made it out with no outfits or accessories thankfully. Just the kitty. And then she insisted on carrying it out and back to the car and it was the cutest thing ever. I could not stop laughing because the box was almost as big as her but she was determined. LOL. 

Big diaper booty, haha. Hopefully these will be gone soon...

She stopped and said "pleeasse Mom." I think she was asking for our next great adventure, ear piercing! Yay!

Thanks as always for reading and for all the love!! We appreciate it so so much!!!

And the winner of the Freshly Picked Moccasin Giveaway is....


Congratulations to the winner and thank you to everyone who entered! xoxo

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