Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

It's officially Harper's Birthday Month and I could not be more excited! I can't believe my little angel will be 2 in 22 days.... wahh. But until then, we are enjoying every second with our 1 year old.
This weekend Daddy had both Saturday and Sunday off so we had lots of quality family time and it was great! We also had a baby shower to attend for one of my closest friends and a BBQ so our Sunday was packed. And then H ended the night with a major fall that scared the crap out of me and not once but twice... Oh these toddlers sure are scary little things aren't they? Yikes. And now onto the picture summary! :)

We started off Saturday with some toons in her new Doc McStuffins PJ's. She's in love!
And then we went to breakfast and of course she didn't eat anything, but she did make creamer towers, haha.
We then ventured to our first splash pad ever and I thought H would love this but she wasn't so stoked. She was kinda scared of all the bigger water "things:" but as soon as a sweet momma let her borrow these cups she did this the whole time. Note to self: do not forget toys next time! 

You know this girl has been outside playing 24/7 because she has scrapes owes all over her elbows and knees. As soon as one heals, theres a new one. But she's my tough cookie and I am just so happy to have an independent little girl who is not afraid of a little fun and boo boos. And hello, she's almost 2. She wipes out, a lot! :/

Us and the lovely mommy to be!! Can't wait to meet this precious boy!!
So we were off to our BBQ and waiting in the car for my mom who ran into the store, so I wanted Harps to take a usies with me but we took like 10 shots and she would not look at the camera for anything! Thanks for the love H... LOL.
She was happy with her crackers and Jorge the puppy!
And then... Right before we were about to leave she ran her poor head right into a shelf and got this bad boy. I pretty much was heading to the ER in my mind because right before my eyes a black and blue bruise was swelling up to a huge grape size ball on her forehead. She was upset but after a cookie and some cuddles she was fine. But of course while we were saying bye to friends this little boy was pretending to chase her so she quickly tried to run away and tripped right before my eyes onto the same exact bump she already had. I pretty much felt like the worst mom in the world at this point. :( She is totally fine and was fine the whole night but momma guilt sure is a B and I am just grateful it didn't end up worse.

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