Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Harper is TWO!!

I can't believe my baby has been two for two weeks now! They sure grow up in a blink of an eye. Tear. Now that she had her two year old checkup I can share her stats and her cute two year old-ness! 
Harper's 2 Year Old Stats:
Weight- 27 pounds (55%)
Height- 33.5 inches (41%)
Head- 19 inches (89%)

She is a healthy and perfect little two year old. With a big head, haha! 
She's pretty much been a terrible eater for the last 6 months. She's extremely picky and some days the only thing she eats are some crackers and milk. She is defiantly going through some kind of no eating phase but the doctors said that is completely normal as long as she is gaining weight and she is. We have recently started a strict eating schedule to try and get her to eat good healthy meals. I make her a breakfast lunch and dinner with snacks in between of a protein, fruit/veggie, and a carb for every meal and sometimes she eats it sometimes she refuses. If she refuses its just too bad to sad she misses out on the meal which I feel bad about but it has actually worked really well. She is trying new foods and is eating better the last couple weeks than she has in months so I am glad we are sticking to it.
Some of her favorite foods are hot dogs, mac & cheese, ritz crackers, cheese sticks, fruit, cookies, milk, and chocolate milk!

She is wearing mostly 2T and 18-24 months in all her clothes. Her little buddha belly is so big that most of her shirts are a little short unless they are 2T and its so cute to me! She wears a size 5 and 6 in shoes; Depends on the shoes but she's almost creeping into a 7! She wears size 5 diapers but we are hoping to not be buying diapers soon... Hello potty training...

She is STILL sleeping with me at night. Its a love hate relationship because I love having her close to me and snuggling but its really hard on me to not have a little "me" time at night and its getting hard on Nick and our relationship. He has slept in a different room for two years now because a certain spoiled girl is taking his place. We've tried transitioning her to the crib but after we got back from a vacation she went totally crazy and would cry for hours until we went and got her. I don't know what to do and I'm sure nothing will change until we get into our own place and she has her own room. She does take one nap a day in the crib and she usually sleeps for an hour or two. Oh, and she always has to have the sound machine on. It's a life saver! Also, her "babies" and paci are always a must for any sleepy time but the paci is about to go bye bye!

I can't believe how good she can talk! She is saying new words everyday and it is amazing. She says new sentences and things I've never even said and she picks up on everything. I love how I can have conversations with her now. Its so sweet. She calls me Mom instead of momma or mommy which I think is so funny. She calls Dad Dad, Grandma Gram, and Grandpa Pop. Hilarious! She makes me laugh everyday with all the cute things she says. 

Girlfriend loves it all! Some of her favorite activities are coloring, stickers, princess everything, baby dolls, puzzles, her Disney Jr shows (Doc, Mickey, Jake, Callie), playing outside, her new bike, her grandparents, playing with other kids, playing dress up, playing with water, and driving mommy crazy ;)

She is defiantly a two year old. She is so sweet and cute but then she will turn into a defiant whiny toddler in .5 seconds. I call her my sour patch kid. She's sour than sweet ;) She is very dramatic and she still gets a little nervous around other people but she has gotten so much better since going to school twice a week. I love her personality and how girly she is. She only likes wearing dresses and she always says "I'm a Prince!" (princess) and I just die from cuteness!! She is my mini me which I already know is trouble but I love her just the way she is and I love watching her grow and develop into her own little person everyday. She is my world!! 

Tent: everything made by me and my stepdad.
Harper's black and white dress: H&M
Gold Glitter Bow: Baby Jules Boutique
Tulle Swimsuit: Mud Pie
Custom Crown: Little Blue Olive

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