Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friends!! Can you even believe it is the almost the end of July already? Oh my goodness, the year is FLYING by. Crazy! We had another wonderful weekend, this time a little busy than normal which means I am even busier at home doing stuff that needs to get done but it was so worth it! We ate lots of bad food, went to a gender reveal party where Harps played with tons of kids, we had a little play date all day with my friends son Traegan, and than we went to the Blue Angels air show and had one of the best Sunday funday's in awhile! I got soooo burnt at the air show because we were literally out in the sun for over 5 hours so I am hurting today but it was worth it. So. Much. Fun!

I'm loving our new neon green moccs from Freshly Picked.
Off to a party, BYE!! ;)
Hanging with her girlfriends!
Water table fun with Traegan!
Silly selfies with Mommy!

Family selfie! We're missing daddy though :( Love you Daddy!
I was kind of obsessed with her in these ear protector things. I thought it was the cutest thing ever! And holy crap, was it loud... Eeek. It was actually kind of scary I even had to get some ear plugs, really cute right?! HA!

Harps and her Gram. <3

All I wanted was a pic of us with the planes flying by so everytime they came our way I would grab H and pose but my Mom totally failed on that job.. Wah.
See what I mean... HAAAA! 

So proud to live in this great country and I am so grateful for all the service men and women around the U.S and world you work so hard to keep us safe. I am truly inspired!

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