Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Lately my girl has just been surprising me left and right with how freaking good she has been and I feel like I just need to brag about her and tell everyone how proud I am of her. I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way at all but after the last 6 months to a year I thought Harper was going to be a handful especially in her "terrible twos" but it has been the complete opposite! For the record H has actually been an amazing baby from day one. She was never very fussy, she was so sweet, and she was just all around "good". When she turned one she started getting her own personality and the sass was turned up to the max! She was still a sweetheart but she didn't like strangers talking to her, she was over getting her picture taken, she had become super independent and strong willed and she really doesn't like to be told what to do. I would always call her a drama queen because everything was just the biggest deal ever. (p.s.- while I'm writing this, I feel like I'm writing an autobiography, ha).

But, lately she has just been an absolute dream!! I don't know if its just her getting older (ya know the big 27 months lol) or what but she has just changed. She now loves chatting with people, saying hi to people and being sweet when people are talking to her. She has been the leader in her dance class and listens so well and participates every week. She has been so polite saying please and thank you after every request and it is soooo flipping sweet I can't even!!! She did absolutely amazing at her dentist appointment this week when I thought for sure it would have been a shit show, phew. She went through a long ass car ride to Texas and back and not once cried, whined, or even seemed phased. And today just totally put the cherry on top for me when we went to get her school picture, I assumed that she would be super shy and probably throw a fit because she is sometimes hard to photograph because she just doesn't want to, but she went right in and sat on the little stool and let the sweet man pose her legs and hands and she smiled so pretty and just totally proved me wrong. I was basically crying because I was so beyond proud of how amazing she had acted!! The funny thing is she cried right after because we weren't going into her class which she use to throw fits about it when I would leave her not too long ago. 

I know this all seems like little stuff but to me its huge! Don't get me wrong I'm 100% always a proud mama but lately I feel like I have been saying, gosh, I am so proud of her a million times a day. I actually don't even think my words are coming out right because I don't know how to describe how I have been feeling about my dream girl lately but the best way to put it is just that I am so effing proud I could shout it to the moon!! I guess I kind of am for writing it out, but hey, my kid is the shit and I love her to death so I feel like I can say it. I'm sure she will put me through the ringer tomorrow but for now I am soaking in all her goodness!! ;) 

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