Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I couldn't be more in love with, everything!!! My baby, my man, my family, my career, my friends, etc., my life!!! I am really feeling so blessed and so loved! We celebrated V-day a day early with Daddy because he has to work today but we had a breakfast just the two of us and then while I got a haircut he took Harper on a sweet cupcake date and then we went to dinner later and just had a wonderful family day! Oh yeah, and we got a new car!!! Ah! We are beyond excited and we still keep thinking we have to give it back because this has been something we have been working towards for years now! We are so happy to be able to have an awesome new reliable car that we can get around in. Valentines Day has always been a good one for us. Three years ago we found out Harper was a girl on Valentine's Day so it is forever in my heart a very special day for us.
Happy LOVE day friends!!! xoxoxo

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