Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend R e c a p !

Fun fun week/weekend!!! 
Lets get to it in pictures!!!!

Wednesday. We usually have a weekly sushi date with Daddy at our favorite restaurant. Harper ate her first crab crunch roll and she loved it! I usually just give her the rice off the roll but she was not satisfied with that so I just put the whole roll in front of her and she devoured it. I'm glad she loved it because its our fav!

Thursday. Momma had a little wine night with some friends but didn't snap any pics oops.

Friday. I had an amazing girls night out with my besties at Omaha Fashion Week. We had VIP tickets which included free drinks all night. Winning!!! We seriously had soo much fun just talking girl talk and watching cute boys on the runway, sipping cocktails. Amazing night. Oh, except for the fact that im still a nursing mom who didn't feed my baby before heading out so my boobs were so full and  I couldn't wear a bra with my dress so yup, my dress got a little soaked and it was sooo embarrassing!!! I hid it well though because the condensation from my drink kept dripping on my dress around that area so it just looked like water... wah. My girls were laughing so hard but I was mortified. I had to pretty much go pump my boob in the bathroom.... Oh isn't mom life so glamorous!?! It was still an amazing night I definitely need more nights like that with my girls!
We had amazing seats!!
Hi boys!! ;) hehe
Friends since middle school and high school! Love these girls soo much! They are also amazing little aunties to H!
Saturday. We went to a sweet boys first birthday party and Harps had so much fun playing with her friends!! Its so cool that these babes have known each other since they were all born and they were born within 2 months of each other! All of us mommies even had the same doctor and delivered in the same hospital!! Crazy right! We have already decided that this pic will be reoccurring every year until they are 18. ;)
Exactly one year later! Amazing. 
My most favorite picture of the night. Brayden's like, get a room! hahah
Sunday. Lazy town and an amazing photo sesh for Me! 
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  1. I'm dying over your fashion week story. I definitely remember those days!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

  2. Ok....how do you get away with going out without a bra?! I'd feel so naked! But cheers to free drinks!

    1. Lol! I do feel semi naked but I'm part of the itty bitty club so theyre just kinda there! Haha. Thanks for going to my page! I think I might have fixed it... Will you let me know... xoxo

  3. P.S. I tried to "like" your page, but your link didn't take me to it :(

  4. Ha that leaking mess happened to me once! And omg your pictures are awesome! Come to Texas so you can take Mikey's 18 month pictures!