About Me

A Little About Me//We//Us.
 My name is Taylor and I'm 23.
I was born in Texas. Now living in Nebraska.
My lovely man Nicholas is the sweetest, caring, most handsome daddy you will ever meet.
I am a new photographer and licensed cosmetology.
I have one Sister.
I am a new aunt to Tenley Grace.
I have one fur baby. A Pomeranian named Bella.
And of course my sunshine, Harper Jane. Born June 24th, 2012

 Fun Facts
I consider myself a semi professional shopper/bargain hunter. I love a sale!
I am a tv junkie. I live vicariously through the Real Housewives.
I love photography and capturing every moment.
I am very crafty thanks to my amazing Mom and Grandma.
I am UGG/Hunter/Boot obsessed.
I love my family more than they will ever know!
My favorite color is sparkle & gold.
I love social networking and meeting new mommas and friends. I have made many special friendships through this wonderful community! :)


  1. LOVE THIS! I feel like we're the same people in different bodies. Tons in common! Also.. your teams? Seriously, I love the Huskers, Packers and Cowboys too! And we both live in Nebraska? Even better :)

    1. That is crazy that you said this because when I was looking at your Instagram pics I was thinking the exact same thing!! You have those boots I want, Harper has the same mam pacifier, same Santa onsie as Macy and when I saw the pic of you going to get diapers latenight at Target out of any other store I was thinking, ok I think we are twins!! Lol

  2. Just came across your blog from The Girl in the Red Shoes. I used to live in Nebraska before moving to Montana! Small world. As a Texas born lady, the Cowboys will always be my team!! Love reading your blog!