Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Recap

For once I am kinda relieved this weekend is over... I can't believe I'm saying that but if you have seen my Facebook or instagram posts who might have seen that we had a little incident this weekend. I had been informed that a photo of Harper had been stolen and was being used on a super weird and creepy Facebook page. It was shocking, and hurtful, and just way too weird and violating for us and after many many helpful friends and people from all over the country the page was finally removed! Thank goodness!! I won't write the whole story because its kind of long and boring but basically the photo was stolen from my blog not my Facebook because my FB is super private and protected but obviously my public blog is not and I know I run the risk of something like this happening. But oh well, its over and I hope I never have to deal with that again because it was a freaking mess!! 
Besides that, the weekend was way too flipping hot to do anything but hangout at home and just relax. We did venture out to Target of course and Harps got to pick out a new toy because I was feeling super guilty for not having the best. weekend. ever. LOL. Am I cray? Probably but hey, were all happy and content now and looking forward to a wonderful week!!

snoozing in her gown and tutu du monde! She's so fancy!!

We did go to the mailbox but, way tooooo hot!

I swear she wasn't as bored as she looked!  

We bought some play dough for the first time and now she's obsessed. She kind of mixed all the colors together but we have already bought more and we only play with one color at a time ;)

The light of my life!

Mom, I'll take this car!

Harps also enjoyed her first s'more and she loved it obvi!!! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's The Little Things// Harps First Dance Class

My heart could just explode right now!!!! Harper had her first dance class today and it was the cutest thing ever! Of course it wouldn't be in Harper fashion without a little drama so of course there were tears and a meltdown over ballet shoes and cheezits but for the most part it was fun and exciting. 
It started off fine, she was ecstatic to put her dress on and go to "dance cwass" and meet new friends. We get there and she had to try on ballet shoes but she then got a major attitude when the sweet teacher simply asked her to stand up to see if they fit and it was a sassy NO and then a meltdown because she wanted cheezits but then really didn't want them, ugh. As soon as another little girl came in she was all smiles again and was twirling around the lobby and saying "TA-DA!" so I was certain she would be fine in the class. The teacher came out and told the girls to follow her and they were all fine at first until the doors shut. Two of them wanted Mom so they started bawling and then Harper immediately joined in. I felt so bad but I knew she was technically fine but after like 20 minutes of off and on tears the teacher wanted the crying baby mommies to come in to try and calm them down. I went in and after a few minutes she was good again and they were all sashaying around the dance floor! I'm so happy she finally had fun at the end and I hope next week will be better! I really hope she loves dance because its pretty damn cute to see a two year old skipping around ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trendy Littles Tuesday// The Peter Pan Collar

Now that school is back in, I have been having some major back to school obsessions. I pretty much browse through the school supply aisle every time we go to Target and I can't wait for the day we get to actually go school shopping! (Ok, yes I can wait but you know my love for shopping and its just another great excuse to go right?!?) All of my shopping and browsing have been geared to what Harps would wear to school and the peter pan collar just screams school to me. I love it! I love how you can make them look dressy or casual and they are popping up everywhere, even Target which is always the best, duh! Have you seen any others out there that I missed that I need ASAP?!

Floral Bow

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

After this weekend I am still trying to catch up on sleep and sanity but it was worth it because it was so. much. fun!! 

Friday, Harps had school to go to and I had work and a little play ;) I went out with one of my besties Sara and we had a super fun girls night. Like, super FUN! :0

Saturday, we went to a wedding and Harper was pretty much the funniest thing ever. First we were sitting next to the aisle and she was playing on the chair kind of and all of a sudden it tipped over onto the aisle during the ceremony. OMG everyone that saw was laughing so hard and I felt so bad but she was totally fine and got up and yelled, "whoops, I fell!" And then she was twirling away in her princess dress the whole time and everyone was just staring at her like... who's kid is this? Ha. She's freaking hilarious and thats why she's the best ;)

Yes, we wear this same ensemble to every wedding I know. LOL.

Sunday, I planned on us doing absolutely nothing and that's exactly what we did! We literally layed on the couch in our jams all day just hung out together and it was perfect. I need those kind of days way more often. Oh. And she wore that Sofia gown for almost 72 hours... Yeah judge away but she would not take it off and she was clean so whatevs.

And today was so hot that the only thing we could do was play in water as much as possible. I'm totally going to miss these super hot days in a few months so we soaked up some rays and Harps turned her water table into a pool. Get it girl! ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Harper and Mommy Photos

Friends, I have been SO busy this week I haven't been able to write a post and its killing me but I just had eight photo sessions in a week which is a ton for me (thank the heavens) but I have been focusing on editing and making sure my clients are happy but I am finally caught up and I wanted to share these sweet photos my friend and fellow photog Brett took of us. I never turn down a photo op for my mini and I so yup, I love these! 
Thanks again to Brett for capturing these for us! Go like his Facebook page and follow him on IG for more of his amazing work! @brettbrooner IG// FB Page