Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Recap

For once I am kinda relieved this weekend is over... I can't believe I'm saying that but if you have seen my Facebook or instagram posts who might have seen that we had a little incident this weekend. I had been informed that a photo of Harper had been stolen and was being used on a super weird and creepy Facebook page. It was shocking, and hurtful, and just way too weird and violating for us and after many many helpful friends and people from all over the country the page was finally removed! Thank goodness!! I won't write the whole story because its kind of long and boring but basically the photo was stolen from my blog not my Facebook because my FB is super private and protected but obviously my public blog is not and I know I run the risk of something like this happening. But oh well, its over and I hope I never have to deal with that again because it was a freaking mess!! 
Besides that, the weekend was way too flipping hot to do anything but hangout at home and just relax. We did venture out to Target of course and Harps got to pick out a new toy because I was feeling super guilty for not having the best. weekend. ever. LOL. Am I cray? Probably but hey, were all happy and content now and looking forward to a wonderful week!!

snoozing in her gown and tutu du monde! She's so fancy!!

We did go to the mailbox but, way tooooo hot!

I swear she wasn't as bored as she looked!  

We bought some play dough for the first time and now she's obsessed. She kind of mixed all the colors together but we have already bought more and we only play with one color at a time ;)

The light of my life!

Mom, I'll take this car!

Harps also enjoyed her first s'more and she loved it obvi!!! 

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