Monday, March 31, 2014

Harper's Second Birthday; Ideas

April is tomorrow friends!! Yayaya! One day closer to warmer, greener, beautiful days! And now that it is only three months till Harper's second birthday I have been on a major planning spree! I know a little crazy but I need to start now because I am a terrible procrastinator and for the custom things I need ordered, I don't want to be waiting till the last minute like usual. We are actually not having a party but more of just a super fun filled day with H! To read more about our plans check out my post over at Confetti Babe Blog.

So this is my little palette of cuteness for her second birthday. I am obsessed with black and white everything (if you didn't notice, ahem, my blog; so happy I already found the perfect dress for only $4.95!!!!) and I wanted some bright and bold colors to go with the black and white. Of course I have to incorporate radiant orchid and some pinks and I wanted to add a pop of a sea foam and I am really in love with how my vision turned out. There will also be gold involved (like her salt waters) but that's just another obvious ;) And I can't forget to mention that my whole inspiration behind this "theme" was super colorful flowers against black and white if that makes sense, lol, so I am trying to incorporate that somehow. This striped headband from Little Miss Dessa is pretty much everything I've mentioned come to life! Since there won't be a party to plan I still want her to have a special birthday outfit (or two) and of course a special two year old photo shoot and I am also going to attempt a cake smash because I didn't do one last year. It might be the only two year old cake smash in history but whatever. YOTO right? (your only two once) haha.
For her cake smash I am thinking of doing it with a swimsuit since I think she might be a little too old for a nakey one but I also just really want this Mud Pie swimsuit because I mean, look at it!! And I have to incorporate another crown this year and to match this whole idea and of course a sparkly necklace from Lola and Darla Designs. I think thats enough "stuff" right?!
A plus of not spending tons of $$$ on a party is that we can afford a few more gifts which is a win for H. The first thing on our list is this amazing Smart Trike. (Thank you to my friend Natalie from Glitter & the Girls for posting this on Instagram and I have been intrigued ever since.) I just think its so perfect for a toddler that doesn't really enjoy the stroller anymore but would find this a lot more fun for zoo trips and walks to the park. Can't wait to get this. Also a fun easel for my little budding artist would be so perfect! And a few random things like a Doc Mcstuffins doctor kit and a princess bubble machine that I am sure will bring hours of fun. 

Woo. I am actually a lot less stressed already after typing this out. Now I can just come back to this page and start ordering. Thank you blog and internet for making my life so much easier. ;) I swear this blog is like my own digital planner and organizer sometimes. hehe. PS- Link me to any other black, white, & pretty colored flowery goodness if you see anything out there on the web! xoxoxo

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Once again, this week has flown by for some reason. Yikes. It has been a chilly rainy mess here so we have been camping outside inside trying not to go crazy. So... here's my five for this lovely Friday :)

Well once again I changed the blog style up just a touch. I just can't help myself. Plus I was super bored last night so it just happened and boom, I love it. Hopefully I won't be bored with it for at least 3 months. Eeek.

It has been one week since my clean eating diet makeover and I am so proud of myself. I haven't cheated except for a couple shortbread cookies, oops. I am already feeling so much better about myself and I have so much more energy. Win win! I have swapped chips for these amazing apple sticks from Trader Joe's as my after dinner snack and I am addicted. Harper loves them too so we both cuddle in bed and eat our little treat and I love it. Everyone, get. them. now!


Well Pantone your radiant orchid color bug has bitten me and I'm in looove! I have been so drawn to this color lately. I love it for spring and summer so I apologize in advanced if this color starts taking over everything! I also got a Old Navy email about this hoodie on sale for $10 dollars the other day so of course I had to go swoop up one in my new fav color and I am so glad I did. As soon as I showed Nick he wanted one for himself so don't worry, I ran back and grabbed one for him and one more for me! ;) Thanks babe!! I also picked up this adorable v-neck tee for Harps in this glorious shade and its my new fav! I love the fabric and the fit over her big belly so I will be going back to pick up one more in every color. Thank you Gap!

I just want to send a huge thank you to my sweet friend Brittany for sending me the best thank you package. I put her blog together so she was ever so nice to send me some happy mail. I can't wait to go to Starbucks in my new lip gloss! I love this IG and blogging community and I am so thankful I have met so many amazing mommas and ladies that I can connect with. Makes my heart so happy! And go check out Brittany's adorable blog Littles & Love and her beautiful babes!! 


Now that Easter is in less than a month I have been on the search for a super cute Easter ensemble! I really want something different but not outrageously expensive so if you have any shop suggestions please let me know!! Oh and I was hoping to find one in a shop other than old navy, gap, carters, and target. I still love you all my favorite stores, I just wanted to find something a little more unique ;)
So, help a girl out please and thank you!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Season = New Shoes

Now that spring has sprung, not really here actually, so lets just pretend; I have been transitioning Harps closet from winter to spring/summer. She has gone through a major growth spurt recently and I have had to say goodbye to so many clothes (which for some reason makes me emotional). Anyways, while thinking about what I need to get for the upcoming warmer months for her I have been thinking about shoes! I'm not much of a shoe girl myself (my sister has that role covered, lol) but I love toddler shoes and I defiantly think buying "better" shoes for little ones is a must. I would hate for my girl to get blisters and be in pain because of cheap shoes so I usually go for the better quality ones. That doesn't mean I don't love the trendy Old Navy or Gap finds, but those are usually only bought on major clearance and usually for a specific outfit. Last year Harper pretty much lived in her CrocsFreshly Picked Moccs, and Salt Water Sandals so that is pretty much what we will be buying again this year. And a few extras. Sorry Nicholas!!
1. Salt Water Sandals- Such a great sandal for new walkers/toddlers! Last year Harper was a new walker and these were so fab. They never tripped her up or slowed her down and were still in excellent condition at the end of summer and they were worn almost every day. I love that they are also water proof which is a huge plus in my book especially for curious toddlers who love stepping in every puddle and bowls of dog water and ruins shoes... hmm. Harper! LOL.

2. MIni Melissa Ultragirl II- Oh my stars, these are the cutest little things ever!!! We don't have these yet but I have had my eyes on them for months. Now that it is warming up these will be coming home with us shortly!! PS- I am obsessed with this color lately! Swoon.

3. Hunter Rain Boots- Do these really even need an intro?! I love me some Hunter wellies and I think a new pair would be a great addition in case of some chilly rainy days! OK, and they are fun to style!

4. Crocs- I never thought in a million year that the ugliest shoe on the planet could be so cute in toddler size! Last year H had a fake pair from like kohl's or somewhere just for walking around outside and she absolutely loved them so grandma bought her a new pair for this year. She found this almost exact pair (without the lining) at TJ Maxx for $14!! That is such a great find because I think these are really pricey for the way that H wears them. She picks tomatoes with her Grandpa and they go on little adventures and these little gems usually come back covered in dirt and grass so they are great for getting dirty and not having to worry about them getting ruined. 

5. Converse- I am pretty sure my kid is the only one on the planet that does not have a pair of chucks... :/ I haven't been a huge fan of these until recently so I decided this year we will give them a try. Plus we don't have any kind of tennis shoe (because I am not a fan of tennis shoes; so not chic for a little princess like Harper, kidding, kidding) but I think these would be great for going to the park and when she goes to school they have a playground so these are pretty much a must! And the color, to die. :)
We will also be adding another pair of FP moccs soon because they are hands down her most worn shoe and I am the biggest fan of them!! They are worth every single dang penny!!!! 

And since it is Thursday, lets do a little throwback on some of Harps shoes from last year!

First time wearing shoes!
First pair of ugg boots!
One of my most favorite outfits ever, and shoes!
First pair of ballet slippers <3
The famous pink sparkly tennies!
First pair of FP moccs.
Silver glittery tennies!
Jelly sandals! Gold glitter of course ;)
We love Salt Waters!!
Cute cute cute!
Hi gorgeous!!!

Little baby, big chair! In her crocs of course. :)
Our beloved Hunter boots!
And these warm and toasty uggs got us though the winter!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's The Little Things; {#ToddlerProbz}

Wednesday already? Woo... This week is flying by!
Yesterday after I picked H up from school, she was acting grumpy and tired and I couldn't wait to get her home and in bed asap. 
She has been a roller coaster of emotions the last few weeks. I know its just her age (and I am 100% positive its because she is a girl too, I mean, come on) but it is exhausting. She won't eat. She has meltdowns about everything! She pouts for no reason. She hits me. yada yada. Regular naughty toddler behavior I suppose but it really gets to me sometimes like, Am I not a good mom because she is acting out? Or am I too hard on her and she is rebelling already? I don't know. This parenting ish is HARD peeps, and my journey has just begun. I love her more than everything in the world, she is my everything but these small battles can really get a girl down. (hashtag momprobz hashtag pettyprobz)
But then... I look at her gorgeous angelic face while she's fallen asleep in the car on our way home and I melt into a puddle of mushy emotions and all those not so sweet moments are no where to be found in my thoughts. Nothing else matters in the world when I'm looking at that girl and I quickly remember how blessed I am to be her momma and that she chose me. wah. I could cry right now but damn, she really gets me. So the moral of this story is; when your kid is driving you nuts, just go look stare at them while they are sleeping and you will quickly forget why you were ever even slightly annoyed in the first place. ;)

No pics mommy, I'm grumpy :(
And then I took 10 photos of her sleeping just moved the camera around a little for different angles and couldn't delete any of them even though they are all the same ;) Don't tell me I'm the only one that does that?

Linking up with Ashley and Jess!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Five On Friday

Yay for Friday!! As always Fridays are bittersweet for us because its usually a fun day and a run errands kind of day (which is fun for me) but Daddy's Sunday because his work week starts on Saturdays. Boo :( But... I am so so excited for this Saturday because I have a photo session with one of my momma friends Betsy that I actually met through blogging and I could not be more excited for this shoot with her beautiful family!! But until then, here is my Five on Friday.

Since Target is always sucking me in its deep dark hole of BUY ME BUY ME, I had to pick up this upcoming holiday straw sippy cup and it might be my all time favorite. She is just the cutest little thing and actually H picked her out so its even better. I said do you want the bunny or the lamb and she said "Sheep!" which was pretty damn close to lamb so, bam. She's ours forever. ;)
Well friends, as of tomorrow I am on a major diet!! (insert crying face here). OK, so not anything extreme like paleo, cleanses, blah blah but just cleaning up my diet considerably and trying to make a conscious effort to eat healthier. I pretty much live on pop, chips, pizza, candy, cupcakes, pasta, red bulls, coffee, and occasional orange. So pretty much I came from the north pole and I could possibly be Buddy the elf's cousin. When I was nursing I could get away with this "diet" and never gained a pound, actually I was ridiculously thin and boney and now I am just a tub of lard :( I hate my body. I can't even get dressed these days because nothing really fits and even my baggier clothes can't hide the fluff so I am determined to feel better about myself and the only way for me to do that is to lose some weight ASAP! Believe it or not I actually use to be a gym rat/annoying food poster/wannabe fitness model type. Swear. It was a crazy stage I went through but I actually had a pretty cute toned bod and I really want to get back to that healthy lifestyle. Woo, sorry for that book but I'm hoping this will make me more accountable. Moving on...
p.s.- you can find my Health + Fitness Pinterest board HERE.

Now that spring is here I can finally put these ahhmazing flower crown headbands on Harper not feel "weird". Ha. I'm totally one of those that dresses for the months and not necessarily the weather. So if I was in California in December id be wearing a sweater even if it was 80 degrees. Anyone else? ;) Any who, these are beyond gorgeous and I can't wait to style these on my little doll! Thank you to our friends at Baby Jules Boutique for these beauties!! 

Today was brow day for me so I was extra excited to wake up! I know silly right but NO! Friends, I have a confession to make. I have a serious eyebrow perfection addiction... True story. For the last year I have been so infatuated with perfect filled in brows. I constantly am looking at every ones brows. I know, WTF? right. But ahh. Brows can really just make your face, I swear. Even if you do not put one stitch of makeup on and you pencil in your brows, it will totally change your whole look. Before I go off an even bigger rant about my love affair with brows, let me get back on the subject that I have been introduced to the brow guru of my city and I don't know what I did before him. (Oh yeah I plucked the shit out of my brows and they looked like crap...) My bestie Sara referred me to him and I can never repay her because he is literally changing the shape of my brow and putting the hairs where they are suppose to be. He was trained by the brow goddess herself, Anastasia of Beverly Hills so he's of course the best!! I have only been to him twice but I can't wait till I have those perfect brows I have been dreaming of, sigh. I think I might have to do a whole eye brow post. Again, is that weird?! 
(The queen of all brows herself,  supermodel Cara Delevinge. swoon)

And last but not least since I have been so cray cray over those pretty little jelly beans I have been making fun little graphics and Easter backgrounds with the photo of them. Here's a fun 8x10 Easter/spring printable I made yesterday if you would like to save or use it feel free! Let me know if you print it, I want to see!

Happy Friday Loves! xoxo

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's The Little Things {Sparkle Baby}

I know this is a day late but I just had to share two "little things" that are brightening my week!

I think I died and went to sparkle heaven when my girl wanted me to paint her toenails like momma's! I found this Selena Gomez Nail Polish in "Confetti Fun" on clearance for $3.89 at Target the other day so I had to grab it because I am a nail polish addict. Especially the "good" brands when they are on sale! Score! And I am so glad I did because have you ever seen anything cuter that mini toes painted in sparkly perfection, didn't think so ;)

And sticking to the sparkly theme, I have found the jackpot of perfect princess Easter candy; Sparkling Jelly Belly jelly beans!!!!! OMG! When I saw these in the Easter aisle at Target yesterday I knew these had to come home with us. They were a little pricey (in my opinion) almost four dollars for a very small bag but whatevs, they are too cute! I know a lot of my instagram peeps were asking about where to find them at Target but still couldn't find them; I randomly spotted them in the little toy section of the Easter section if that makes sense. I found them HERE online for a reference of the bag to look for just in case you can't find them. 

I hope your week is as sparkly and lovely as ours has been so far!! 
Happy Spring!!!!

Thank you for hosting this awesome link up Ashley and Jess !!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our Road trip to Texas & Tenley's First Birthday Party

What day is it!? Lol. I honestly keep thinking its Monday...
I am so exhausted I can not even keep my eyes open. Let me just say, traveling with a toddler is some hard work. Thank goodness I had my parents help but I don't think I could ever do it alone. ah.
Anyways! We road tripped to Texas to visit my sisters family for my Nieces first birthday party and we has so much fun. It was a super quick weekend trip so Nick couldn't go with us because he's saving up his time off for my sisters wedding so we missed him so much. We left on Thursday afternoon and got there around 10 p.m. and let me just say, my passionate child who I thought was going to be a nightmare was a complete angel! Holy shit, she was so good! I am so proud of her I can't even express it! ;) Friday we hung out with my sister and Tenley and ran a few errands and did some last minute decorating. H had so much fun with her cousin now that they can both walk and are into the same things. It was a blast! Saturday was the big party and it was fab! It was a breakfast at Tiffany's theme (Breakfast at Tenley's) and my sister is so creative and put everything together perfectly. I do have to give myself some credit for coming up with the idea though, hehe! The party was fun but exhausting with 20 million kids and adults and blah blah, you know how a first birthday party goes. I will hopefully post her party pics this week because it deserves its own post. Sunday Tenley woke up really sick so we decided to leave and go to my grandparents house to spend time with them and let my sister and them relax. Its always so hard to say goodbye but we will hopefully be reunited in a few months. I did make a stop at Ikea to pickup the Ikea Latt Table which I have been wanting for quite sometime now but since I do not live anywhere near Ikea it was pretty much a must do on my list! I can't wait to spruce it up this week. More on that later. We finally got to my grandparents in Oklahoma and we finally just got to relax and do nothing! We made our way back home Monday, and it is sooo nice to be back home and in my own bed! I didn't take as many pictures as I always plan to in my head but I usually just get so caught up in the moment of being there that I totally forget about my phone which to me is OK. I love being in the moment and these are the memories that I hope will always be there in my head! So here's our trip in iPhone pictures!

On the way...
Stay Gold Tee Headband

Good Morning! Story time with aunt Tera.
Harper, I push you! :)
They are already pro shoppers!
So worn out from shopping. She never took a full nap for at least 3 days...
A little momma selfie in my kardashian-esque hat ;) with lots of filters, #manyfilters haha
A quiet moment with Momma. 
Harper's adorable outfit for Tenley's party!
Outfit Headband Silver Heels
The only picture I got of them the whole day... Total fail but we were so busy!
And now we have to buy a water table because little miss was in love with one of Tenley's gifts!
My sweet niece with her momma and daddy!
Tenley is ONE!!
I miss these girls laughing at each other and playing!
Just a quick meltdown while grandma ran into the store. uh oh.
Every time I look at this pic I think she's thinking, B, don't steal my fries ;) haha
Watching toons on great grandmas bed. 
On our way home...
and now my new favorite picture! Her and her aunt are shoe freaks so this book is very fitting and of course was a gift from the best auntie ever!