Friday, March 21, 2014

Five On Friday

Yay for Friday!! As always Fridays are bittersweet for us because its usually a fun day and a run errands kind of day (which is fun for me) but Daddy's Sunday because his work week starts on Saturdays. Boo :( But... I am so so excited for this Saturday because I have a photo session with one of my momma friends Betsy that I actually met through blogging and I could not be more excited for this shoot with her beautiful family!! But until then, here is my Five on Friday.

Since Target is always sucking me in its deep dark hole of BUY ME BUY ME, I had to pick up this upcoming holiday straw sippy cup and it might be my all time favorite. She is just the cutest little thing and actually H picked her out so its even better. I said do you want the bunny or the lamb and she said "Sheep!" which was pretty damn close to lamb so, bam. She's ours forever. ;)
Well friends, as of tomorrow I am on a major diet!! (insert crying face here). OK, so not anything extreme like paleo, cleanses, blah blah but just cleaning up my diet considerably and trying to make a conscious effort to eat healthier. I pretty much live on pop, chips, pizza, candy, cupcakes, pasta, red bulls, coffee, and occasional orange. So pretty much I came from the north pole and I could possibly be Buddy the elf's cousin. When I was nursing I could get away with this "diet" and never gained a pound, actually I was ridiculously thin and boney and now I am just a tub of lard :( I hate my body. I can't even get dressed these days because nothing really fits and even my baggier clothes can't hide the fluff so I am determined to feel better about myself and the only way for me to do that is to lose some weight ASAP! Believe it or not I actually use to be a gym rat/annoying food poster/wannabe fitness model type. Swear. It was a crazy stage I went through but I actually had a pretty cute toned bod and I really want to get back to that healthy lifestyle. Woo, sorry for that book but I'm hoping this will make me more accountable. Moving on...
p.s.- you can find my Health + Fitness Pinterest board HERE.

Now that spring is here I can finally put these ahhmazing flower crown headbands on Harper not feel "weird". Ha. I'm totally one of those that dresses for the months and not necessarily the weather. So if I was in California in December id be wearing a sweater even if it was 80 degrees. Anyone else? ;) Any who, these are beyond gorgeous and I can't wait to style these on my little doll! Thank you to our friends at Baby Jules Boutique for these beauties!! 

Today was brow day for me so I was extra excited to wake up! I know silly right but NO! Friends, I have a confession to make. I have a serious eyebrow perfection addiction... True story. For the last year I have been so infatuated with perfect filled in brows. I constantly am looking at every ones brows. I know, WTF? right. But ahh. Brows can really just make your face, I swear. Even if you do not put one stitch of makeup on and you pencil in your brows, it will totally change your whole look. Before I go off an even bigger rant about my love affair with brows, let me get back on the subject that I have been introduced to the brow guru of my city and I don't know what I did before him. (Oh yeah I plucked the shit out of my brows and they looked like crap...) My bestie Sara referred me to him and I can never repay her because he is literally changing the shape of my brow and putting the hairs where they are suppose to be. He was trained by the brow goddess herself, Anastasia of Beverly Hills so he's of course the best!! I have only been to him twice but I can't wait till I have those perfect brows I have been dreaming of, sigh. I think I might have to do a whole eye brow post. Again, is that weird?! 
(The queen of all brows herself,  supermodel Cara Delevinge. swoon)

And last but not least since I have been so cray cray over those pretty little jelly beans I have been making fun little graphics and Easter backgrounds with the photo of them. Here's a fun 8x10 Easter/spring printable I made yesterday if you would like to save or use it feel free! Let me know if you print it, I want to see!

Happy Friday Loves! xoxo

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