Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's The Little Things; {#ToddlerProbz}

Wednesday already? Woo... This week is flying by!
Yesterday after I picked H up from school, she was acting grumpy and tired and I couldn't wait to get her home and in bed asap. 
She has been a roller coaster of emotions the last few weeks. I know its just her age (and I am 100% positive its because she is a girl too, I mean, come on) but it is exhausting. She won't eat. She has meltdowns about everything! She pouts for no reason. She hits me. yada yada. Regular naughty toddler behavior I suppose but it really gets to me sometimes like, Am I not a good mom because she is acting out? Or am I too hard on her and she is rebelling already? I don't know. This parenting ish is HARD peeps, and my journey has just begun. I love her more than everything in the world, she is my everything but these small battles can really get a girl down. (hashtag momprobz hashtag pettyprobz)
But then... I look at her gorgeous angelic face while she's fallen asleep in the car on our way home and I melt into a puddle of mushy emotions and all those not so sweet moments are no where to be found in my thoughts. Nothing else matters in the world when I'm looking at that girl and I quickly remember how blessed I am to be her momma and that she chose me. wah. I could cry right now but damn, she really gets me. So the moral of this story is; when your kid is driving you nuts, just go look stare at them while they are sleeping and you will quickly forget why you were ever even slightly annoyed in the first place. ;)

No pics mommy, I'm grumpy :(
And then I took 10 photos of her sleeping just moved the camera around a little for different angles and couldn't delete any of them even though they are all the same ;) Don't tell me I'm the only one that does that?

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