Monday, June 30, 2014

Real Talk

No weekend recap here today because well, our weekend sucked. To be frank, I have been down all weekend and I could never really get out of it until last night so I was basically a party pooper. Luckily, Harper didn't even notice because we still did fun stuff outside and my parents did take us out on Saturday so that help but I was still in a funk. 

Let me just preface that I am extremely blessed to live the life I do. I have a healthy child, a loving and supportive partner, a roof over my head thanks to my parents, and endless support from my family too, but sometimes I forget those things a second and I get overwhelmed with life. I have been down on myself recently about my photography and lots of whys and stressors added to that (Am I good enough? Why would my own friends go to someone else? Why do I get so many inquirers but not even half of them book? What is it?).  I feel like a total loser because I can't contribute to my family income right now because I am trying so hard to grow my business and it has totally made me a head case just thinking about how, well I can't do it... I get down when I feel like everything I'm always looking forward to falls through... All the flippin time. Friends plans, photo shoot plans, play date plans, everything and of course I already take everything personally so its just a downward spiral. Relationship arguments are never fun so that didn't add well to my pot of sad this week but we're good now so that stressor is off of my shoulders thank goodness. And lets not forget the fact that we still live at my parents (thank the lord for them) but it is also tough for a young family when we want our own space and its a hard pill to swallow when you feel like you may never get to the place you want to be no matter how hard you try. Gahhh, being an adult is hard as F and it can totally overtake me at times, like this weekend. I felt like I had everything piled on me all at once and I couldn't handle the pressure so there were lots of tears, naps, and junk food to help relieve the pain but really all I need is my baby and guy to remind me that we have a great life and it sounds cliche but they are what truly makes me happy. 

Sorry for the unusual downer post but not everything in my life is sunshine and gold glitter and I just want be honest about the way I'm feeling. I know everyone is fighting small battles and mine is totally minuscule compared to others but hey, that doesn't mean I still can't have bad days and write about them because this is my journey. xoxo

P.S. I have been terrible about replying to comments so I am sooo sorry but thank you so much for leaving comments all the time. I love reading each and every one and being apart of such a wonderful blogging community! I really feel like I have a friend in so many of you!! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Harper's Birthday + Freshly Picked Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes for our little Harps!! 
We had the best day celebrating together as a family and spoiling our babe all day with lots of fun!! We decided to do just a fun day of treats and toys instead of doing a party this year and it was a much better, relaxed, fun day. I highly recommend it! ;) And now a flood of the fun!!!

First H had a special donut and chocolate milk breakfast before seeing her prezzies. We ended up getting her the Smart Trike and a baby doll and she was over the moon with both!

Then she went to school for a few hours to play with her friends and show them her new baby! ;)

After school we made a quick stop to pick up her lunch of choice, cheese ritz crackers and milk... Alrighty then, its your birthday so whatever. After a little car lunch we headed to the kids salon for a pedi. I paint her toes all the time and she sits super well for me but I was nervous how she would do with someone else, and she did great! She picked a sparkly purple color and she loved the waters and the bubbles. It was sooo cute to see! Not pictured are the terrible nail painting that I took off as soon as we got home, yup, I was maaaad :/

Can you say DIVA?!?
Nap time was the next plan on the agenda and it was much needed for H and Mommy, hehe! After her nap she woke up super grumpy but we decided to still keep with the plan of going to our favorite restaurant Kona for happy hour (not like "bar" happy hour, more like half priced sushi rolls and other yummy favorites on the enclosed patio. And of course drinks, duh! Its an Omaha family thing I guess) but it was a disaster. She was mad the whole time, only wanted to get down and walk around and lots of screaming and crying. I finally just had them bring her a bowl of ice cream and a candle and I sang Happy Birthday and she ate her treat. Why didn't I do that at the beginning? Lesson learned and she was happy as a bird with french fries!

Once she was back to happy mode we headed to the mall to go make a furry friend at Build-a-Bear! We have never taken her there but once she saw it she was in heaven!!! She was so smiley and twirley and I think she touched every single thing in there. I thought she would just pick any ole bear or whatever but she was actually very selective with which one she wanted. She picked a princess palace pet kitty, and of course she's pink and pretty! The employees were so sweet and she had a great time building her kitty. We made it out with no outfits or accessories thankfully. Just the kitty. And then she insisted on carrying it out and back to the car and it was the cutest thing ever. I could not stop laughing because the box was almost as big as her but she was determined. LOL. 

Big diaper booty, haha. Hopefully these will be gone soon...

She stopped and said "pleeasse Mom." I think she was asking for our next great adventure, ear piercing! Yay!

Thanks as always for reading and for all the love!! We appreciate it so so much!!!

And the winner of the Freshly Picked Moccasin Giveaway is....


Congratulations to the winner and thank you to everyone who entered! xoxo

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Harper Jane is TWO!!!!!!

I can't believe you are already a two year old, tear. It is so bittersweet watching you grow up. I absolutely adore you (obvi) and I can't get over how proud I am of you!!! You are my joy, my light, my whole world, and you have me completely wrapped around your finger :) Thank you for choosing me as your Mommy. I am so in la la la love with you I can't even put it into words. I hope you had the best day ever with us and I hope you truly know how much we love you Harper Girl!! xoxoxo

Video by Brett Brooner

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!! (You know the annoying song right?) HA!!
Too bad I woke up with my allergies kicking my butt today but I'm hoping all the meds I just took to ease my pain will kick in soon so I can get this Friday going! So here's my random list of 5, enjoy!


Daddy caught these precious moments between me and my girl and even though they are not perfect; I love any pic that we get together because I know I will love looking back on these one day. Get in the picture momma!! Even if you hate how you look and cringe at the sight of any photo of you, just do it! You and you're babes will thank you one day!


I finally organized Harper's headbands and head accessories and I love how it turned out. We share my large walk in closet but when you share it with three people, (me, daddy, and harps) it tends to get over crowded and unorganized quickly! Her headbands and clips were completely taking over so I found some metal organizing "things" (I think one was a scarf rack and one was maybe for ties?) at Walmart by like the hangers and random closet stuff and they worked out great. I have one only for the thick head wraps that she has because we have A LOT and one just for all the other flower and bow headbands. I also hung some thick ribbon vertically and clipped all of her clips to those. It works out awesome and is so much easier to outfit plan when I can see everything in front of me.


I am in love with my new camera strap from Karra! It is so much comfier than any of my others and of course so much prettier! Thank you Karra, I'm obsessed!


I can't believe I'm putting a picture of my armpit on my cute little girly blog but I have been getting laser hair removal on my underarm and it is awesome! I am only three sessions in of my 6 or so sessions to have it completely gone but it really does work! Even from the first session my hair was completely gone. I have dark hair so anyone else that has dark hair knows that your underarm hair is literally back 2 minutes after you shave... (Anyone with me on this?) and it is super annoying so this has kinda changed my life already. If anyone in my area of Omaha, NE is looking to get any laser hair removal treatments let me know, or call MIlan Laser Hair Removal. They're the best!!


And last but not least, don't forget to my Freshly Picked Mocc Giveaway! You have until the 25th!
Good Luck!!