Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!! (You know the annoying song right?) HA!!
Too bad I woke up with my allergies kicking my butt today but I'm hoping all the meds I just took to ease my pain will kick in soon so I can get this Friday going! So here's my random list of 5, enjoy!


Daddy caught these precious moments between me and my girl and even though they are not perfect; I love any pic that we get together because I know I will love looking back on these one day. Get in the picture momma!! Even if you hate how you look and cringe at the sight of any photo of you, just do it! You and you're babes will thank you one day!


I finally organized Harper's headbands and head accessories and I love how it turned out. We share my large walk in closet but when you share it with three people, (me, daddy, and harps) it tends to get over crowded and unorganized quickly! Her headbands and clips were completely taking over so I found some metal organizing "things" (I think one was a scarf rack and one was maybe for ties?) at Walmart by like the hangers and random closet stuff and they worked out great. I have one only for the thick head wraps that she has because we have A LOT and one just for all the other flower and bow headbands. I also hung some thick ribbon vertically and clipped all of her clips to those. It works out awesome and is so much easier to outfit plan when I can see everything in front of me.


I am in love with my new camera strap from Karra! It is so much comfier than any of my others and of course so much prettier! Thank you Karra, I'm obsessed!


I can't believe I'm putting a picture of my armpit on my cute little girly blog but I have been getting laser hair removal on my underarm and it is awesome! I am only three sessions in of my 6 or so sessions to have it completely gone but it really does work! Even from the first session my hair was completely gone. I have dark hair so anyone else that has dark hair knows that your underarm hair is literally back 2 minutes after you shave... (Anyone with me on this?) and it is super annoying so this has kinda changed my life already. If anyone in my area of Omaha, NE is looking to get any laser hair removal treatments let me know, or call MIlan Laser Hair Removal. They're the best!!


And last but not least, don't forget to my Freshly Picked Mocc Giveaway! You have until the 25th!
Good Luck!!

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