Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Harper goes to "School" ;)

Harper has finally flew the nest! hehe. Ok, just hold your horses, not really. But to me I feel like I have just sent my baby to college... HA. Dramatic much?!?! Actually, she has just started a Mom's Day Out program at a local church once a week for a few hours and we have both been loving it. 
So a little back story as to why I think this is such a big deal is because since she has been born, I just haven't been able to leave her side. For the first six month I would barely even leave her with her Dad to run to the store. I was just too attached (physically and mentally I suppose, LOL). I refuse for her to go to a daycare and be in the care of some "stranger" so that is why I have always stayed home even though financially I probably should be "working" but emotionally, its never gonna happen. I am extremely anxious and every little thing gives me anxiety, especially when it comes to the safety of Harper. So for Me, sending Harper to a place where I wasnt in complete control and had no idea really what my sweet girl was doing was beyond frightening. Poor boogs is also very anxious and does not do too well around strangers and I just know that has something to do with always being with four (daddy & I and grandparents) constant people in her life. Its not like we never leave the house and socialize but you catch my drift right?! 
So when I finally mustered up the courage to find a place, I found the perfect christian setting where the people are so welcoming and warm and the facility is amazing! It even has a full on indoor play gym! I was so impressed and Harper actually warmed up quickly to the teachers and I just knew it was a fit. 
She has now been going for three weeks and I think she is really loving it! The first day was hard to drop her off because she wasn't sure and their were some tears from miss H but as soon as she was distracted by some Lego's, I snuck out. I really didn't know what to do with myself for three hours so I just sat there and relaxed. Yup, super productive. At the end of those three hours I could not wait to pick her up and see how the day went. When I walked in she was being held by one of her sweet teachers and saying Momma! They said the beginning was rough but overall she had a great first day. Oh, and her very first "school" picture! I died!!! Every time since then just gets better and better and I am so excited to see her flourish!!
Harper's First Day of School!!!! 2-11-14
Of course before she could start I had to purchase the essentials like a backpack, new cups, and monogram vinyl decals. Duh... ;)
At first I just picked up this Skip Hop Zoo backpack because I didn't have time to find a more personalized one like I wanted. I like this one, but I wanted something more girly for my girly girl! We then received the cutest backpack from Personal Creations that was just perfect for my doll loving little.

How adorable is her new personalized Harper doll backpack!!!! 
This really is the perfect little toddler backpack because it fits her little body perfectly and has just enough room for those little human essentials. I usually pack diapers, boogie wipes, extra clothes, bib, pacifier, socks, her cup, and it all fits perfectly with even a little wiggle room for extras!
She loves saying "doll!" and giving her hugs! 

Pointing to her bows :)

I also found these glitter monogram vinyl decals to put on all of her sippy cups and I am so happy with how they turned out. Super easy to apply and they have been through the wash several times and no budge! 

Love you all! Thanks for reading and supporting our family through all of our little adventures. It means a lot to us! :) xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Dreaming

Spring... Where art thou??
Today you made an appearance and Harps and I soaked in all of your warmth and sun shining skies. It was a nice change from the bitter cold of winter and I hope you stick around.. sigh. But I heard snow in the forecast this week so boo on you... Instead of being grumpy about more chilly days ahead, I will browse and shop for springtime outfits for me and the babe. It will warm my hear ;) I am dreaming of you spring!! 

Who is over wearing leggings and sweats everyday??? ME!! OK, not really really (because I love my comfy clothes), but I am just so excited for the weather to warm enough to wear my warm comfies like maxi dresses and skirts. I am a sucker for a good flowy maxi. You can dress them up or dress them super casual and I love that versatility. Of course I am always buying myself neutral pieces because I really don't buy myself a lot of clothes (I mean come on, everything is way cuter on an adorable toddler anyways) so when I do I like it to be an item I can wear with many things, in many ways. FYI those famous gold glitter flats from Target from last spring are back (online only) so get them while you can. They will definitely be worn daily around here. And I found a matching pair for mini's on Pinterest! #winning Scooping those up asap. For Harps I love buying her more colorful printed items especially these amazing floral prints I am drooling over! Um, Hello V-neck tee for toddlers! Oh my gah. Adorbs!!! OK, I am done drooling over spring clothes; for now ;)
Can't wait to get back to these kind of days!!

Also in my spring "dreaming". I whipped up this cute background for my computer earlier and I thought I would share. Just right click and save image to save to your computer and set as your wallpaper! Enjoy. P.S.- I am no "designer" or whatever you want to call it but I have been feeling so creative lately so I took my creativity to photoshop and totally loved making this fun pretty picture. Sorry if I start going crazy with these. hehe.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope you all had a wonderful LOVE day!! 

We had a very low key family day since Daddy is off on Friday's.
For breakfast we made Belgian waffles with raspberries and whip cream and they were yummy!

After breakfast and some play time we decorated heart cookies and had a sugar rush! I found the best little cookie kit at Target in the baked good section. It had 5 premade heart cookies, frosting, and sprinkles for $4.99. #winning It was a hit! She knew exactly what to do... Eat all the sprinkles and put all of the heart candies on the cookies and start munching! Love it!

Mommy and Daddy ordered our favorite Chinese takeout for lunch and Harps went back and forth between our meals. LOL. Are we the only ones who barely even order her her own meals because she eats off of ours instead?!? After lunch it was nap time for our little beauty and we romantically sat on our computers the whole time. bahaha!! We suck... I snuck in to creep on Harper sleeping and my heart was a puddle when I saw her cuddled up to her lambie. She isn't the biggest stuffed animal fan and has never done this so I was dying of the cuteness!!!

We made (put it in the oven) a heart shaped pizza for dinner and we are planning on snacking and watching movies the rest of the night. Yup, we're cool, we know! We love you all! xoxoxo

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's The Little Things; Mommy Daughter Shopping Trips

I am so excited to join in on my first ever link-up!
I am in love with this "little things" link-up from Ashley and Jess because it really is all about the little things in life! 

This week the little things in our life like going on a weekly or multiple times a week shopping trip to Target or Trader Joe's or another one of our favorite stores is so special to me. It might sound silly but when you stay at home as much as we do, any trip out of the house can sometimes seem like a mini vacay. Any chance we get to go on a little errand, we jump on it! I love staying at home and would think of myself as a homebody; but I also love getting out of the house with my girl because it breaks up our day and gives us something to do.

 We especially love going to Target of course. ;) It's pretty much the most amazing store in the world, but I really don't think I need to convince anyone of that. HA. I love how we can go in, grab a Starbucks treat, grab groceries, and then venture off to every single aisle of the entire store. I am so not kidding about browsing the whole store most of the time. I am pretty much obsessed with finding sales there because they are so amazing and I just love getting a deal. I actually hate paying full price for anything there because I know it will eventually go on sale so I stalk EVERYTHING I want until I get it! ;) It should honestly be a sport LOL. 

Besides finding deals and getting out I also love the moments that Harper and I have together while we are shopping. We both snack on our goodies and chat about everything we stop and look at. We touch fabrics of the clothes, and say how "pwetty" the makeup is and coloring books. We really have full on full on conversations and I love our bonding time! That's not to say she doesn't get a little restless once her cookies are gone and she wants to run free, but the time she spends in the cart chatting with me are the best.
After about an hour (or more sometimes) we are both ready to go home and play with our new goodies from Tarjay! And I am exhausted at this point, hehe. 

I love this little moment in our life that is so special and fun for us and I look forward to our "vacay" every week!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day in the life, Harper's Day!

Hello sweet friends. I hope you are all having a great week. Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! Friday's are bittersweet for us though because Daddy works the weekends so we miss him on Saturdays and Sundays. :(
I thought it would be fun to do a photo post of a typical day for Harper. I love it when other blogger's do these because there is no staging of pics going on and it just seems so real. This is our real real life of a day at our house. You can check out our last "Spend the Day With Us" post HERE.

 9:15 a.m.- I am greeted with a "HI!" and a couple pats on my face or mouth every morning when H wakes up. She has been sleeping with me again every night for at least the past month. She is going through some weird sleep regression and sometimes does not even go to bed until 11-12 p.m. every night... Hence the later wake up.

9:20 a.m.- We head upstairs to the kitchen to get our breakfast and usually some cuddles from Grandma and Grandpa. We have been extremely casual about meal times lately because she has also been going through weird food jags where sometimes she wants to eat everything and the next day she doesn't like anything so instead of fighting with her about eating a well balanced meal, she just eats a granola bar or waffle (2 of her favs at the moment). Her eating anything is better than nothing at this point. I turn on her shows and I drink my morning coffee and check my email, facebook, IG, etc and try to wake up.

9:45 a.m.- Daddy sleeps in on his days off so he woke up after us so Harper had to give him lots of good morning hugs and snuggles. She usually eats more breakfast with him because he always has yummy breakfast unlike Mommy who doesn't like breakfast that much.

10 a.m.- Harps plays with some toys in our upstairs living room for awhile before we head out to run some errands at Target.

11 a.m.- We browse Target and of course stop at Starbucks for cookies and milk. Sometimes that is the only time we get out of the house on these extremely cold winter days so we try to make the most out of it and literally browse every aisle to kill time. 

Gold star leggings

12:45 p.m.- Its nap time and Harps was not happy. Usually she goes down for her nap pretty well but this day she was not having it. I think she played in her crib for longer than she actually napped. 

2:30 p.m.- She woke up sobbing (which never happens) but it was because she was soaked somehow from her sippy cup of water that I had given her. Poor babe was miserable. So we immediately had to strip down to a diaper and than she was fine 

2:50 p.m.- We go to the kitchen and make lunch. I know, super late lunch, but since her sleeping schedule is off, our whole day is off. Her new favorite thing is saying "Ta-Da" and raising her hands in a gymnastics salute. So cute!!

3:00 p.m.- Hanging out with Daddy waiting for lunch to cook.

3:15 p.m.- Her fish nuggets are finally done cooking so she eats her lunch on the couch. (Told you we were laid back about this because all I want her to do is eat! I dint care how, what, or where, as long as shes eating. You can not judge until you've been through this annoying stage.) She hates when her fingers get dirty and have crumbs on them so I sit there and wipe her hands 20 million times. LOL.

3:30 p.m.- Random play time and she loves playing in my purse taking everything out but Mommy zipped it so she was mad.

5:00 p.m.- We were getting bored so I got out the Valentines Day cards we got at Target earlier and stickers and crayons and markers and we colored for awhile. She really loves coloring lately so this lasted a good hour. It was so funny because she figured out that markers show up on your skin so she kept coloring her body but I let her because it was cute and I love the curiosity!

6:00 p.m.- More playing and a couple bites of dinner from Mommy and Daddy. She pretty much runs our household so she just goes from room to room finding her toys and playing all over the house. Especially if her Grandpa is home because they are best friends. They play cute games like fake night night where they go in Gma and Gpa's bed under the covers and pretend to go to sleep. I have no idea why, but she is in love with that game. She also loves wearing her princess heels so she is always strutting her stuff up and down the halls.

7:00 p.m.- Bath time with Daddy! She loves taking baths and she definitely needed one after her coloring earlier! hehe. 

7:20 p.m.- We go downstairs in Mommies bed and put jammies on and do all of our night time rituals. 

7:30 p.m.- My little technology girl loves this time of the day when I let her watch her shows on the ipad while Mommy watches her shows on TV. She can literally turn the ipad on, find the app and show she wants and play it. It just amazes me how smart she is and how quickly these babes pick up on things. 

9:15 p.m.- After about an hour of the iPad I have to pretty much pry it out of her hands while she throws a fit but I get her to lay with me and eventually she falls asleep. This was a pretty early time for her as of lately but thank goodness! These midnight, 1 a.m. bed times are killing me. :( I am really hoping to get her back on her normal schedule of sleeping in her crib and waking up at a decent time to get our day started. Night night boogy.

Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of Harper. I know we live such an exciting life, (not!) but I love looking back on these posts and saying "Oh yeah, remember when you wouldn't sleep! That was fun!" ;)

Our life is not perfect, but its perfect for us! xoxoxo