Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's The Little Things; Mommy Daughter Shopping Trips

I am so excited to join in on my first ever link-up!
I am in love with this "little things" link-up from Ashley and Jess because it really is all about the little things in life! 

This week the little things in our life like going on a weekly or multiple times a week shopping trip to Target or Trader Joe's or another one of our favorite stores is so special to me. It might sound silly but when you stay at home as much as we do, any trip out of the house can sometimes seem like a mini vacay. Any chance we get to go on a little errand, we jump on it! I love staying at home and would think of myself as a homebody; but I also love getting out of the house with my girl because it breaks up our day and gives us something to do.

 We especially love going to Target of course. ;) It's pretty much the most amazing store in the world, but I really don't think I need to convince anyone of that. HA. I love how we can go in, grab a Starbucks treat, grab groceries, and then venture off to every single aisle of the entire store. I am so not kidding about browsing the whole store most of the time. I am pretty much obsessed with finding sales there because they are so amazing and I just love getting a deal. I actually hate paying full price for anything there because I know it will eventually go on sale so I stalk EVERYTHING I want until I get it! ;) It should honestly be a sport LOL. 

Besides finding deals and getting out I also love the moments that Harper and I have together while we are shopping. We both snack on our goodies and chat about everything we stop and look at. We touch fabrics of the clothes, and say how "pwetty" the makeup is and coloring books. We really have full on full on conversations and I love our bonding time! That's not to say she doesn't get a little restless once her cookies are gone and she wants to run free, but the time she spends in the cart chatting with me are the best.
After about an hour (or more sometimes) we are both ready to go home and play with our new goodies from Tarjay! And I am exhausted at this point, hehe. 

I love this little moment in our life that is so special and fun for us and I look forward to our "vacay" every week!

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