Monday, February 25, 2013

Future Ballerina

Happy Monday!
I love Monday's because it is my one week day to be at home with my snuggles.
My weekend until the end of March is Sunday, Monday. Hair doesn't sleep in on Saturday's folks.
I have already posted this post but somehow it got deleted..dumb. I had a snow day from school on Friday so Harper and I had a good ole fashion TuTu photoshoot. I'm obsessed.
This girl has so many tutu's and skirts, prima ballerinas are jelly! ;) My sister is an amazing dancer and owns her own dance studio in Texas. The Dance Space. Cutest studio ever, and not to mention amazing dancers but that is because my sis is THE greatest! So pretty much H is destined to be a Dancer. I was never a dancer because of my club feet.. boo. But I was in competitive baton when I was younger (which I was pretty decent at. Won a national championship with my team. lol.) but when your in middle school and all your friends are in competitive cheer leading, the baton went out the window. I did the cheer leading thing for a couple years and it was very fun to be able to travel to compete and be with my friends but it just really wasn't my thing...and not to mention very expensive and time consuming for someone who wasn't even that good at it. lol. (I blame my feet). So Harper is just pretty much being forced to be a fantastic dancer! Hopefully the skirts, dresses, tutus, ballerina motif attire, and even her own pair of real tap and ballet shoes will do the trick! hehe. Back to school for the week for Me tommorow... Tear. xoxo
Ready for the cutest Ballerina? OK. :)

Newborn Photos. 5 weeks old.  Natalie K Photography

Seven Months Old.

Halloween/Fall Ballerina. Four Months Old.

Rockstar Ballerina. Four Months Old.

Halloween Costume 2012. Four Months Old.

Just my warm up outfit. 

Another warm up. I'm so good already.

Holiday Ballerina. Five Months Old.

Cutie Butt Ballerina.

Swoon. Perfect Ballerina. Seven Months Old.

 Sweetest Future Ballerina. Almost eight months old.

My first ballet shoes.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blogging is a B... {sometimes}

I absolutely love blogging and everything that has to do with blogs, but sometimes, she's a real Bitch! ;)
I wrote a new post this morning about my sweet ballerina that led me to want to change my blog design... Again... For like the 5th time. {I'm sorry if your annoyed of that but I have an obsession with new designs and photoshop.}Usually my changes go smoothly and maybe take an hour or so from start to finish. Easy Peasy. Well today was not my bloggin day. It took me literally 5 hours straight {in between entertaining Harp's.} I somehow erased two posts while trying to figure why my sidebar was at the bottom of my screen, my computer sucks, {next purchase, MacBook Pro}, and I pretty much just cried over technology frustration. How pathetic I know, but I'm sure you have all had computer meltdowns at least once. So I know this post is pretty pointless but I just needed to vent... Boo Me. I'm hoping to pot those two lost posts tomorrow so I am sorry in advanced for the over posting. I hope you all had a great Sunday!
We had a relaxing cozy day doing nothing and it was awesome! :)
Harper sat in her real crib for the first time ever tonight.She's almost pulling up on to things on her own
She barely took a nap today. Dislike!
She hasn't pooped in at least three days {but trying and not getting anything accomplished.} Any advice or tips?
And now I am watching the Oscars and eating candy while my partner in crime is sleeping next to Me and Nicholas is playing computer nerd games {as I like to call them.} 
Love my loves. Life is good. I am blessed. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Love Month!

To be honest February is not really my favorite month and Valentine's Day is just an OK holiday for Me. Last year was the best vday for Me (us) because we found out our little baby was a GIRL!! One of the best days of my life because I was hoping,wishing, and praying she would be a girl because I literally don't know what I would do with a boy! (But now that I have my girl, I would love to have a boy next!) I remember painting my nails pink the night before because I was hoping the nail polish gods would come through for Me. HA!! That's so crazy but so true! I was so overjoyed and Nick was too because he knew how much I wanted a girl! That was the most memorable Valentine's Day for me and I will never forget it!
Harper at 20 weeks. On February 14th, 2012. ITS A GIRL!! She was even pretty in the womb :)
And now for the Valentine's Day frocks & frills! Even though its not my favorite holiday, I still love the festiveness and spirit of V-day! Lets not forget the candy as well. ;) I am loving baby Gap's stuff (of course) and I even added little man stuff because sometimes its fun to be like "If I had a boy, this is what he would wear". I don't think it could ever be as fun as shopping for a girl though! Literally my dream come true!!!

>>---> Ladies <---<<

>>---> Gents <---<<

I shared this on Instagram a couple weeks ago but its too funny and cute not to share again! Follow me on IG: xotaylorwintle
A little dancing and air guitar cuteness. Your Welcome!