Sunday, September 15, 2013

Momma's New Hair//Randomness//Weekend Recap

Bad blogger alert.
Seriously, how do you people blog, work, be a mom, be a wife/partner and be a person?
I suck at this balancing act. I have been so busy with my new business that I feel like sometimes I cant catch my breathe. Who knew their was so much that went into a being a photographer (business wise.) Yikes. I wont bore you with all those details but I do want to try to make more time for blogging. (I think I say that in every post). Sorry if this is just a jumbled mess of randomness.

 First, Lets just talk about how I am LOVING my Hunter Boots! They just make me so giddy. #isthatweird?
Except, I wore them last weekend to my photo shoot and it was at least a hundred degrees. Total buzz kill, but I wear them to protect my feet and legs when I am stomping through brush and tall grass ya know and they don't get hot, but, sweat and rubbing skin does not mix because I have the worst blisters on my heels and the back of my calves from them rubbing... OUCH. IDC. I still love you booties.

Oh Hey haircut and color that is wayyyyy overdue. I am pretty much obsessed with my new hair. Don't get me wrong, I really miss my long locks but this is a really good change and I feel more "up to date" with shorter hair. Its totes in peeps. ;) Short hair, don't care. Haha. I'm a loser I know.

A little duck face never hurt nobody ;)
Straight hair, scrunchy awkward selfie face and a PSL = awesomeness

And now for a Harper flood and a weekend recap...

Grandpa's girl right here!
Dress | Headband | Sandals
Little girl, Big chair. lololol.
Hi Miss Harper J!
Just a little bath time feeding. TOO MUCH CUTENESS.
Breakfast date with Daddy. p.s.- This shirt says big cousin!!! (not big sister. eek) :0
We drove Grandpa's truck for the weekend so I decided to let her sit forward facing and she was so amazed and loved it. We were also so high up that she could see everything and was just taking it all in. I love watching them see new things for the first time, like mommy driving. So cool. No judgey's on the forward facing. I am actually the biggest advocate for rear facing under 2 and I NEVER thought I would let her forward face until than, but I felt safe in a HUGE pickup truck and now that she seemed so much happier I kind of want it to become permanent... Thoughts ?? I also love our car seat and think it is one of the safest ones out there. I'm torn...
Go Huskers!! Even though we lost... boo. At least this babe looked darling.
Headband | Moccs | Leggings (walmart last year) 
Dancing with the beautiful bride Sheena!
Dress | Headband
She loved being by the dance floor just watching everyone dance. She also got a couple moves in. :)
The very end of the night and only picture I got of the two of us. I love my little mini.
Thank you Gap, Old Navy, and Target for the amazing sales this week. Snagged all of this for about $80. I love me some sales!!!
Cargo Zip Vest | Yellow Peplum Bodysuit | Tank | Bear Sweater Hat | Camera Tee | Ooh La La Bodysuit | Gold Heart Sweater Dress | Peplum Tee | Purple Long Sleeve Tee | Black Heart Sweatshirt


  1. Love the hair!!! And don't judge me either .... But Waverly has been forward facing for about a month. She likes it SO much better I haven't yet had the heart to switch her back, even though I know I should!

  2. Loving my 'moon boots' too (as my brother calls them) lol.
    Like you, I'm a huge advocate for rear facing for as long as possible but you also have to do what works for you and your bub - we turned my son early due to reflux and our paeds advice (to do with positioning) and have a much happier bub.
    New hair looks great! x

  3. Love the new hair! And I've had my eye on that little heart sweater dress for Mya. I've only seen it online though, is it as cute as it looks here?

  4. Baby girl is too cute!!

  5. Okay, I'm so glad I finally found your blog! And yes, sometimes I feel the same! I'm either up to date on our blogging and our house is a complete disaster or vice versa. It's a tough balance for sure!!

  6. Best blog post ever. Obsessed with those boots!!!!! Now I have to get some for our meetup in October!!! ;)

  7. Love your new hair!!! Harps dress she wore to the wedding is AMAZING!

  8. Harper is too adorable! And awesome new hairstyle! I don't think it's that short so you can wait it out a few months and be able to get those long locks back. But I do hope you keep up with the color because dark hair looks fabulous on you.