Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's The Little Things {Lazy Summer Days}

Now that it is summer I feel like everything in the world seems a little more chill... Right? OK maybe not because I'm still busy as hell but it just seems a little more relaxed. It probably stems from summer vacay, but wait, I'm not in school anymore so I don't know why I still have that mindset, haha! But that's exactly what we have been doing. Going outside on our free time and just relaxing and being lazy. Thank you summer and warm weather for fun days, tan lines, skinned knees, bath time every night, and great times! Pretty much sums up our "summer" so far and we are loving it! 

sassy pants. Literally. I love this little ruffle booty ;)

Grass between the toes... <3

Yup, this is a staged photo because I really wanted her to wear this bib but she absolutely refused so Bella to the rescue! ha! Hipster Bib (On sale too!!)

Good thing I have two cute little models!!


ick grass Mom!
Thanks for the linkup Jess and Ashley

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trendy Littles Tuesday// Summer Romper's

Guess what guys?!? I'm back on a blogging roll :) yay!
OK this is only day two but I have high hopes that this week I will blog every single day according to my schedule! So today is back to Trendy Littles Tuesday!! I love this day because I always plan it according to what Harper will wear to school in the morning and lets be honest, I love picking out her clothes the night before and then doing a little online browsing to find some new trendies that I may our may not already have (sorry Nick. Don't read these posts about shopping, hehe). So today is all about the romper! These are a childhood necessity right?!? ;) OK, maybe not but they just seem so classic to me. I love how versatile they are and so so easy. No picking out matching tops to bottoms because yup, its already one piece! The only thing that is they can be a hassle if they do not have snaps on the bottom for easy changes and potty breaks but if you can find some with openings, they're golden! Of course I'm always buying every single one from Target, because OMG so cute, but lately Walmart has had some good summer finds for rompers. I found this Watermelon one there for under $5 and it has the snaps on the bottom. And in tons of colors and styles. Perf!! Harps has been rocking rompers since she was born and they come in all sizes and styles, even adults, which are pretty adorns as well. Anyways, does anyone have a romper that I just have to have?! Lead me the way... :)
P.S.- Has anyone checked out Carter's lately? I'm usually not the biggest fan because everything looks a little too babyish and cheap to me but they are KILLING it right now! Of course the black, white, and gold collection is totally selling me but tons of other cute graphic tees and dresses that I am totally drooling over. We might be making our way there this week. Uh oh. 

Sorry for the crappy pics but these are harder to get with the iPhone so they are quick and right before we get in the car before school. She will not stand still!

And a little throwback to last year and my favorite romper with pink flamingos on it! I wish I bought a bigger size in this...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial Day!
I just want to thank all of the service men and women who sacrificed their life for our freedom and happiness. I am so proud to live in this country and to be related to such heroes. <3
Land of the Free, because of the Brave

I feel so blessed that I got to celebrate this holiday with my family and friends. We had an amazing day at a friends house with good food and great people. Harper had an absolute blast swimming, jumping on their trampoline, and hanging with her BFF. I just love it when older kids are so sweet to little babes, and this sweet girl M was so nice to her and pretty much watched her the whole time. It was so nice because Mommy got to kick back and enjoy some cold ones and adult conversation, win! Daddy also took the day off so he could come hang with us and it was perfect. I hope you all had a great long weekend!!

Ready to party!!
She couldn't wait to get in the pool! 

This girl was addicted to the pool and I was a nervous wreck the whole time :0

My two babes!
How amazing is this yard?! Girlfriend was in heaven with all of these kids and activities!

And my favorite pic of the day. I just love how she's watching her new bestie! I cannot thank this sweet girl enough for being so nice and attentive to my baby. Also, check out those ringlets! Her hair was sooo curly when she got out of the pool. How can I get them like that everyday!? So dang cute!!
When I took her swimsuit off I barely got this little one piece outfit on her but I am so glad she at least got to wear it for a few hours because its so adorable!!!
Just putting my feet in Momma.
Don't worry, all the drinks were gone ;)
Those curls!!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap {Camera Roll}

Oh M G week, you go by so fast, I cannot keep up. Eeek.
Another week where I neglected my poor blog. So sorry. I will try to do better again this week.
But first, let me dump my weekly camera roll on you. Happy Monday!

Our week was filled with a sickie little girl so it was mostly snuggles and downtime. She thought it was pretty fun to wear  mommas shirt as a dress. 

Even though she had a fever for almost three days she still was happy and we even ventured outside a few times to get over the cabin fever.
A trip to the beauty supply store and a new polish for H.
I don't do mornings Tee Camo Jeans (from old navy, similar)

And then fro-yo with Daddy!
Visiting Grandma at work was a hit! She was jumping for joy! :)

And then Daddy brought Mommy some flowers just because and then she stole them and kept saying "mine!" Ok, fine, we'll share...
Yesterday Harper had a little gymnastics recital and she got her first medal! Proud momma moment!!