Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trendy Littles Tuesday// Summer Romper's

Guess what guys?!? I'm back on a blogging roll :) yay!
OK this is only day two but I have high hopes that this week I will blog every single day according to my schedule! So today is back to Trendy Littles Tuesday!! I love this day because I always plan it according to what Harper will wear to school in the morning and lets be honest, I love picking out her clothes the night before and then doing a little online browsing to find some new trendies that I may our may not already have (sorry Nick. Don't read these posts about shopping, hehe). So today is all about the romper! These are a childhood necessity right?!? ;) OK, maybe not but they just seem so classic to me. I love how versatile they are and so so easy. No picking out matching tops to bottoms because yup, its already one piece! The only thing that is they can be a hassle if they do not have snaps on the bottom for easy changes and potty breaks but if you can find some with openings, they're golden! Of course I'm always buying every single one from Target, because OMG so cute, but lately Walmart has had some good summer finds for rompers. I found this Watermelon one there for under $5 and it has the snaps on the bottom. And in tons of colors and styles. Perf!! Harps has been rocking rompers since she was born and they come in all sizes and styles, even adults, which are pretty adorns as well. Anyways, does anyone have a romper that I just have to have?! Lead me the way... :)
P.S.- Has anyone checked out Carter's lately? I'm usually not the biggest fan because everything looks a little too babyish and cheap to me but they are KILLING it right now! Of course the black, white, and gold collection is totally selling me but tons of other cute graphic tees and dresses that I am totally drooling over. We might be making our way there this week. Uh oh. 

Sorry for the crappy pics but these are harder to get with the iPhone so they are quick and right before we get in the car before school. She will not stand still!

And a little throwback to last year and my favorite romper with pink flamingos on it! I wish I bought a bigger size in this...

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