Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello Texas, Again...

Another Texas trip in the books.
Harper's third trip to Dallas in nine months. She is just the traveling baby.
She is actually a great traveler. We have driven every time which is a ten hour drive! LONG AS F#&%!
We actually went to Marietta, OK where my Mom's parents live. Its only about 40 minutes from Dallas so its not far from my Sister. The first two times it was just my Mom, Harper, and I, and this time Nick and my step dad came along as well. 
We left Friday at around 6 a.m. We only stopped 3-4 times. Our stops consist of stopping at a gas station to get gas and drinks and snacks and take Harper out of the car seat so she can stretch her legs and us too. I feed her in the car and change her diaper and we get back on the road! Ever since I can remember road trippin with my parents, we've never taken long stops like to eat at resteraunts or stop at hotels, its always, GO GO GO, which is totally fine by Me because I cant stand being in the car... UGH. We finally got to my Grandparents house around three and just hung out and played outside on the front porch and in the grass on a blanket which was so fun to Me! My Sister, Niece, and Todd came up from Dallas and they spent a couple hours with us and we got to love on our sweet Tenley!
Another trip?!?

Sleepy girl...

She hates the grass!

Playing with her second cousin Leah.

Grandpa & Great Grandpa talking away!

Sleepy Tenley girl!
On Saturday we went to Dallas. The girls went shopping at the Galleria and the boys went drinking at a bar... (boys will be boys). We met back up with them to get our family pictures taken. I cant wait to see the pics! Then we went out to eat and then we headed back to my Grandparents to sleep... Getting babies to smile is a hard job ;)
First cousin shopping trip!
Tenley Grace!

Harper Jane

Love  my Family!

Sunday we just hung out with family and my sister and her family and ate good home cooked meals and relaxed. The weather was perfect and it was exactly what we all needed. On Monday we headed back home which was another long drive but H slept the entire trip except for to eat. She was sooo good in the car and I am so thankful and blessed with such a good baby! I am also blessed to have such an amazing, caring, loving family. I loved spending time with my sister and my sweet niece Tenley who I love and miss so much since we cant be together as often as we would like to be but we are already planning our next trips! (Hopefully this time they can make the long trip. hehe.)
Playing with more second cousins.

Snuggling with my twin! I love her so much!!
On our way home, I cant believe she slept so much! So proud of her.
She totally deserved some ice cream after being such a good girl! She loves it!!

Also, I would just like to say that my heart is totally broken for everyone involved and effected by the Boston bombing...  Prayers for Boston.


  1. Looks like an amazing trip! So jealous of the good weather you got to enjoy :) We just got dumped with snow! Can't wait to see your family pictures! I'm sure they're gorgeous!

  2. What a good little girl! Can't wait to see the photos!

  3. What a fun trip!!! Spending time with my family is my favorite times :) Your family is SO adorable!

  4. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Not sure if you have been nominated before?!!

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  5. Looks like a BLAST! i am jealous of the shorts and nice warm weather!!! :) Glad you got to enjoy some family time!