Thursday, December 27, 2012

Harper's First Christmas!

We had a great Christmas with our little love bug this year. She was spoiled rotten by our families and I am so grateful for all the love. We went to "The Farm" (my step dad's parents house in Wynot, NE.) and yes, it is literally a farm, hence the name. I have always been close to my step dad's side since I have been in the family since I was seven. His whole family was there, three sisters, one bother, and their spouses and kids. I love to see them love Harper as if she was their own blood. It melts me. Christmas Eve was exhausting!!! Woke up ate breakfast, hung out and played for a couple hours. Tried to nap. Impossible with a million people in one house, then we had 6 o'clock mass. Worst idea for a baby that usually starts her bedtime routine around 6. She was fine during mass until the last half hour where she screamed and cried of exhaustion. I finally got up and rocked her to sleep, went to sit back down and she slept till mass was over then woke up and screamed for the entire car ride. Christmas Eve dinner was right after that and she was fine the whole time. That was until about 9 p.m. Then we started opening gifts and that took forever! We also do a fun white elephant gift exchange and that took at least an hour. By the time we went to bed it was midnight and Harper had been up for a good 5-6 hours straight!!! Let's just say, that night was HELL!!! She was up a majority of the night screaming... I felt like the worst Mom ever for having her up that late but she would not relax enough during the present opening to sleep. It was awful. I hate to  be a downer but Xmas eve was a lot more stressful and not as fun as I pictured it. ughhh. Anyways, Harper received tons of toys and clothes and she loves wrapping paper! lol. Christmas day was a lot better. Filled with wearing pj's all day and eating pie and sweets and lots of snuggly naps. Oh, but I forgot to mention on the day my Mom and I and H were planning on going back to Omaha, my step dad somehow had my Mom's car keys... (Him and Nick had already went back to Omaha earlier in the day.) It was a mess. We had to wait for my G-pa to go meet Jeff (step dad) somewhere to fetch the keys. We eventually made it back home and Harper slept the whole two and a half hours. I don't think she has caught up on her sleep still since Monday night because she has been sleeping in and taking lots of naps for the last couple days. Oh and I left with a five month old and came back with a 6 month old!! Where has this six months gone! I'm pretty sure last week I was in labor? WTF?? Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Merry Christmas, xoxo Taylor, Nick, Harper, and Bella

Presents from my Great Grandpa

Christmas Eve 2012

Enough with the toys, I love the paper. Xmas Eve.

I love my Jumperoo from Mommy & Daddy

Toys from my secret santa Mommy group

Mommy's favorite gift.

More paper!!!

Christmas Day. Wasn't it lovely?? ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Fair Isle Wonderland

It's snowing today!! Yeah, snow is not really my thing unless i'm on top of a moutain in Colorado on a pair of ski's or a snowboard. That being said, I have a new love. Yes, it is not with a human but with a print. Fair Isle. A tacky, wintery, christmasy print. I love it on everything. Clothes, candles, wrapping paper, stockings, EVERYTHING. I am literally obsessed with this right now. Thank you fair isle creators for this amazingness. I dont know where this obsession came about but it was sparked by an Instagram photo that Allison from A Little Blueberry (fab Blog) posted of a pair of fair isle leggings she was wearing. I saw those and I HAD to have them. I searched the web and found a pair on ebay for $4!!! Yes, four dollars. They are from China and I am still anxiously waiting for their arrival but I cant wait for them to be here!! I compiled a bunch of other cute things I would love to have. Oh hi fair isle Santa. I love you!
I'll leave you with my dolly baby all fancied up for christmas!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

I am completely heart broken by the news of this unthinkable tragedy in Connecticut as I know the whole country is in mourning for this town and their families. I cannot stop thinking about the Mom's and Dad's of the sweet angels that were taken too soon. I cant even imagine their pain. RIP sweet babies and the teachers and staff that lost their lives. :'(
I am three days behind in my wish list's because I have been lazy and now saddened that all I can do is hug my sweets all day.
Harper with some presents from her great Grandpa. So sweet!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gucci, Burberry, UGGS, oh my!!

A baby can dream too can't she? Since I am a label snob and I love the finer things in life (even though I will probably never own a D&G anything) it's no exception that I am totally obsessed with designer duds for infants! Holy cutest pieces of overpriced material I've ever seen.
3. Burberry Check Dress & Pants $95-pants only
Do they make that cardigan in adult sizes??? Eeeek. I'm in love!!
Here's my little fashionista shopping at our favorite store, Von Maur
She loves her UGG bixbees and so do I.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Baby it's cold outside...

This wish list is sure to keep me styling these upcoming cold months! Did I mention it's 27 degrees today?! Eww!! And yes I have two pairs of boots because I love boots for this time of year, especially comfy cozy pretty ones!!

1. Old Navy Fair Isle Cardigan $30

Here's a little Harper photo shoot from earlier today! Merry Christmas from my little gift from god!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

16 Days of Wish List's!!!

Hello 16 days till Xmas!!
Since I am so obsessed with product boards, and love seeing wish lists and reviews from other people I've decided to make a Wish List for everyday until Christmas. (And I am playing with my new photoshop so I need an excuse to use it.) My first one is a technology/geeky wish list because I have been having computer issues for the last couple days and I am dying for a new Apple computer. (HP sucks and I will NEVER buy another product from them.) Anyways, and I am dying for a camera besides an iPhone camera! Hope you enjoy my wish lists! I know I had fun pretending to shop for this stuff!! :)

1. Canon Rebel T2i $579
Here's a picture of my little bear and her sister Bella.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy December!

Yes, I know its December 4th already! Shit, that means only 21 days till Christmas. (I should start planning in July since I am the worst procrastinator.) Anyways, I wanted to share Harper's wish list. These are the big toys that she wants. OK, I want her to want! Hopefully Santa thought she was a good girl this year!
Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo I feel like a terrible Mom for not already having one of these, but I'm wanting one terribly bad now because she is at that awkward stage where she can't sit on her own but wants to be playing on her own, which leads to boredom for her and Me getting nothing done when she's awake. Anyways, yes please Santa!
Trumpette Howdy Bouncer OK, this toy is not for "babies" technically, but I think Harper would LOVE this. If you haven't seen this its a plastic cow that you jump on. It's hilarious!! There is also another brand, called Rody, but in my opinion its not as cute as the cow. H loves when I  bounce her on my knee while humming the running horse tune?! (ba duh bump ba duh bump ba duh bump bump bump HA!) So I think she would love this right now.
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey This monkey is so cute, and you can put your iPhone in to the tummy protector and connect it with the Fisher-Price apps. If you have a baby obsessed with apps already, (mine) this is a perfect learning toy.
Playskool Pink Elephant Busy Ball Popper This is also for baby's 9 months+ but I think it would be entertaining for her right now, and its too frickin cute!!

My little elf with her tree.