Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy December!

Yes, I know its December 4th already! Shit, that means only 21 days till Christmas. (I should start planning in July since I am the worst procrastinator.) Anyways, I wanted to share Harper's wish list. These are the big toys that she wants. OK, I want her to want! Hopefully Santa thought she was a good girl this year!
Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo I feel like a terrible Mom for not already having one of these, but I'm wanting one terribly bad now because she is at that awkward stage where she can't sit on her own but wants to be playing on her own, which leads to boredom for her and Me getting nothing done when she's awake. Anyways, yes please Santa!
Trumpette Howdy Bouncer OK, this toy is not for "babies" technically, but I think Harper would LOVE this. If you haven't seen this its a plastic cow that you jump on. It's hilarious!! There is also another brand, called Rody, but in my opinion its not as cute as the cow. H loves when I  bounce her on my knee while humming the running horse tune?! (ba duh bump ba duh bump ba duh bump bump bump HA!) So I think she would love this right now.
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey This monkey is so cute, and you can put your iPhone in to the tummy protector and connect it with the Fisher-Price apps. If you have a baby obsessed with apps already, (mine) this is a perfect learning toy.
Playskool Pink Elephant Busy Ball Popper This is also for baby's 9 months+ but I think it would be entertaining for her right now, and its too frickin cute!!

My little elf with her tree.


  1. Those purple pajamas are adorable...almost as adorable as your sweet little girl!!

  2. You'll love that Jumperoo for Harper, Taylor! Hadley loves hers! Place a squishy memory foam pillow under it so Harper has a squishy landing:) Hadley will go to town bouncing off her pillow. It's soft and it rarely (if ever?) moves around. I've never had a problem with it.

    Love that pink elephant. I might have to get Hadley that!

    1. So cute! Now I really want one so I can watch her bounce all day lol.

  3. Love the tree! Very pretty:) Beautiful little girl...