Sunday, December 9, 2012

16 Days of Wish List's!!!

Hello 16 days till Xmas!!
Since I am so obsessed with product boards, and love seeing wish lists and reviews from other people I've decided to make a Wish List for everyday until Christmas. (And I am playing with my new photoshop so I need an excuse to use it.) My first one is a technology/geeky wish list because I have been having computer issues for the last couple days and I am dying for a new Apple computer. (HP sucks and I will NEVER buy another product from them.) Anyways, and I am dying for a camera besides an iPhone camera! Hope you enjoy my wish lists! I know I had fun pretending to shop for this stuff!! :)

1. Canon Rebel T2i $579
Here's a picture of my little bear and her sister Bella.

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  1. I want the Canon Rebel TOO! I am crossing my fingers for that one:)