Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

I have been trying to post this since Monday... Harper has been SO clingy to me lately that I can't get anything done so I am so behind on posts and well LIFE... Clingy almost one year old post coming soon, maybe :/
Happy Memorial Day!!! :)
We really did have one of the best weekends in awhile. We were so busy and now exhausted but so worth all the memories. This summery weekend just made me crave warm weather, pools, and drinks more than ever...
One of my bestest girlfriends from high school got married and it was gorgeous! She was the most beautiful bride ever and her and her new hubby are really the most gorgeous sweetest couple ever! I am so happy for her!! Now she needs to start having babies so we can be mommies together ;) Harper went to the ceremony with me because Daddy was still at work but when he got off Harper went home to Gma & Gpa and we had ourselves a FAB time!! Like seriously, we needed some adult time so so bad! We (me) drank too much wine and champagne and it was amazing. I got to act like someone my own age which was also a great mini vacay from my mommy-hood. This might sound weird but I feel so rejuvenated after that night away from Harper because I am with her literally ALL DAY , EVERYDAY, no break times for us ever so I felt like a whole new person. Obvi, we missed her but even Nick admitted that we need more time for just ourselves and now that shes getting older I totally agree! I am getting way off the subject of our weekend but this was just a huge thing for us because we've never been away from her for more than a couple hours and we were out till like 2 a.m. oops. Who are we? Cool again? nope...

Sara & Zach. The beautiful couple :) 
My sweet girl was so good during the ceremony. And cute of course! 
One of my besties Paige and Harper!
Shameless selfie... #ghostlywhite #ineedatan 
A little candid. We had so much fun!
Daddy had to work so it was just Harps and I. It was weird outside, I was hungover not feeling well so we chilled all day and of course did a little shopping because Old Navy had a 50% off swimwear sale! Then when Nicholas got home we went on a mega grocery shopping trip (which I absolutely love, I have no idea why lol.)

Daddy had to work again all day so we were sad but we went to a birthday party for one of my very best friends who passed away last summer in a tubing accident. It was at her parents house with Kayla's closest friends and family celebrating her beautiful life. We had so much fun with all of our friends and Harper hung out with Kay's nephew Talan and of course got passed around and smothered with attention which she loves. (I'm in trouble.) Then we just went home and hung out and it was lovely.
Talan & Harper  
She loved this water table... Birthday list?!?
The pools are finally open here so went to Lifetime Fitness with Gma and Daddy because they have a huge walk in pool which is perfect for a walking baby. Harp's is seriously a water baby!! She loves being in the water and is so fearless. She dips her head under water and crawls in until her head is almost under (while I'm having a slight heart attack) she is cray cray but I am so happy that she isn't afraid. We really need to get her into swimming lessons asap! She made baby friends and we ran into one of my friends with her daughter who is close in age so they played together but H is so crazy with her walking that she will not sit down for more than 2 minutes. I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE A WALKER!!!! She is so damn good at it too! So of course now that she is walking we had to order some Freshly Picked Moccs which I am so pumped on especially because they were on sale! (Thanks Daddy!!) Anyways, H loves the pool and the sun and being outside which just makes me so excited for more pool days in our future!! We also had dinner at Chipotle and she slept the entire time which never happens because she always wakes up as soon as the car stops but she was exhausted and it was awesome!!! It felt so good to eat in peace ;) Oh and I think Harper took the tan away from me... I use to get super dark super easy and never burn. Well this chick today goes out, gets super tan while pasty me burns like tomato... uh what! Give me my tan back Harp's!!
pool bums. 
She loves the water. And she looks so cute in her bikini!!
Old Navy Bikini
Yes, she needs a bow in the pool ;)

Taking a break and eating cookies!!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!!! xoxo

Monday, May 20, 2013

Family Pictures// L O V E

O B S E S S E D.
I am so in love with how our family pictures turned out!!! We havent had "real" family pics taken since Harper was born and I am swooning over my family. (OK obviously!)
I am so happy that my friend from high school (actually we go all the way back to middle school) took these photos of us that I will cherish forever. Sorry for the floooood of these pictures but I am just a proud Mama :)

Photos by Brett Brooner. Broonamite Photos

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bathing Beauty

Hello Dolls!
Another weekend has come and gone... bummer. We had a low key weekend. Daddy worked, Grandma was out of town, (that might not matter to others but since we live at home with them, when she leaves, a helping hand leaves) and we only had a few things going on. We went to our friends bachelorette party get together at a winery and I had a few glasses of wine and it was lovely! Then we went to a graduation party for a family friend. And today we went swimming at the gyms indoor pool because the outside pool isn't open until next weekend. We still have one more day left to our weekends. ( I actually like Monday's for the most part!) so we are going to hit up Old Navy and Gap for some sales! YAY.
I just have to share these pictures of Harper I took the other day while we were playing outside in her cute little baby pool. It was about a hundred degrees this day so I ran to Walmart and picked up this pool for like five dollars!!! I then couldn't resist this tutu swimsuit for like nine dollars and matching hat for about four bucks. SCORE. I am so glad I got this hat because she usually HATES wearing them but since this one had the strap she couldn't take it off! Loves it! She tried many times but no such luck princess. ;)
I hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Daddy's Birthday + Mommy's First Mother's Day!

We had a lot of celebrating this weekend!
It was Nick's birthday on Saturday but unfortunately he had to work all day so Harper and I took a little photo shoot for him with some sidewalk chalk and we made him a little goody bucket with gum, chap stick, candy, beer bottle ice cube tray, and energy drinks. All of his favorite things and of course all from Target! Harper, Grandma, and I did a little shopping in honor of his bday.. hehe!
She loves her Daddy!

My glamour girl.
It was also my first official Mother's Day. Nick had to work again so it kind of sucked not being with him but Harper and I hung out all day together. We took naps together, we went to the park with Grandma and Grandpa and we pretty much just had a great day together (which is everyday). My Mother's Day present is finally getting some family pictures taken of the three of us! It might not seem like much, but to Me, gifts are irrelevant. Yes they are nice and they make you feel special for five minutes but when I really think about it, (this might sound cheesy and cliche but its exactly how I feel) I am so incredibly blessed to have Harper as my daughter. She is healthy, beautiful, smart, sweet, and just pretty much the most perfect gift Nick could have ever given Me. I love her so  much it hurts and I love being her Mommy. I have wanted to be a Mommy literally my whole life. As a child I was into baby dolls like no ones business!  I had every baby doll,  clothes, strollers, I even saved my money and bought a real infant car seat at Target when I was like 8. (It was like 20$ dollars at the time. I cant believe they are now like $200.) I have just always had this feeling in me that I was just meant to be a Mom. I truly feel like I have found my calling and my life purpose. Being a Mommy is a million times better than I could have ever imagined, and not to mention a million times harder than I could have ever imagined but it is so worth it!! I hope all my Mommy friends had a fabulous Mother's Day! You are all amazing Momma's and I am so grateful to have you as my friends!

Harper and her babies.She loves dolls already and I'm melting!
Giving her baby a kiss.

It's not a perfect day for me until my girl is in a tutu ;)
The puppies got tired on our walk so they had to hitch a ride with little miss!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Glamma + {Beauty} Pretty Lips!

In honor of my beautiful Mom's birthday I decided to do my beauty Wednesday post on my favorite lippies's.
My Mom loves a lipcolor! Especially reds and she rocks it! She has been wearing a red lip for my whole life, not just because it is "in". She's just cool like that though ;) I always remember her buying me lip gloss all the time on our weekend shopping spree's when I was growing up. (Mom, can we bring those back...?) She would always need her favorite color, Lancome Raisin about once a month so of course I always needed a Juicy Tube or whatever the newest gloss that had out. Lets just say, my lip gloss was poppin. ;)
(HA. I know cheesy but how can you not say that line in a post about lip colors.) Funny story. One time, My  Mom and I were traveling and her purse needed to be searched by TSA at the airport. They dug out, I'm not even kidding, EIGHT different lip sticks, lip glosses, lip whatevers in the same damn color!! Literally, every single one of them was of a wine, Merlot looking color. It was so embarrassing!! Oh, they eventually found a pair of nail clippers or something that she couldn't take, HA. Good thing it wasn't one of her EIGHT damn lippie's... (eye roll.) Actually I just remembered that this last weekend she was wearing a jacket she hasn't worn in awhile and she reached in the pocket and goes, "what's this?" She pulls out a red lip gloss that my sister had bought her on a little shopping trip when we were in Texas live nine months ago. She's cray I tell ya. I love her so much though and I am so happy that she is my Momma. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOM AND GRANDMA INSIDE AND OUT!! Now go put on some lipstick! 

 Maybelline Baby Lips is one of the most amazing lip products ever! So soft and smooth with a hint of color.
 Lancome Juicy Tubes are a really great lip gloss. They have super glossy and super sparkly shades of every color to choose from. The perfect everyday gloss.
Revlon Lustrous Lipstick is a super cheap great lipstick! It stays on for more than 5 minutes even with eating and drinking. Score!
Liplicious Lip gloss smells like heaven. Of course it does, it's from Bath and BodyWork's. These smell good enough to eat and have a slight color to them so choose your flavor/color wisely! 
 Lancome Color Fever Gloss. My ultimate lip gloss obsession. A million colors to choose from, super silky not sticky at all, and so so pretty! They have every color from super sparkly to just glossy smooth colors. (I would  recommend purchasing this gloss at your local Lancome counter so you can see all the beautiful colors. The Internet does not do it justice.) LOVE!

Harper loves her Glamma :)

Grandma starting H young on the yoga!

Love these two.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Oh weekend you come and go a little too fast for my liking...
 I use to not even think twice about weekends because I was home 24/7 anyways so it was just another day for me but now that I'm "working" the weekends have a new meaning to me. I now have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to get stuff done, hangout, be lazy, go on endless target trips, and just have a weekend! I feel like Nick and I haven't seen each other though because our schedules are totally opposite but I guess that's what growing up is about... Wah. This weekend we went to Target like three times. Go figure! We went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Go figure, and watched the Kentucky Derby. (On my bucket list one day to attend.) Sunday, did nothing but Tar jay. Today I finally folded three loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and showered! It's a miracle! We also went outside and had a mini photo shoot with Harper's new chair that I am absolutely obsessed with! It was so beautiful out today (finally) that we even took the dogs for a walk to the park with Grandma and then had a photo op with her on the deck. Tomorrow starts another busy week but I will be looking forward to it and another weekend to come! I hope you had a great weekend!!

I think she loves her chair!
Toy shopping at Toys R Us with Grandpa.
Target trip.
Big girl bath. No more baby tub!
Beautiful day to sit in my chair outside! ;)
Trying to avoid the grass. lol. Too funny.
My baby is so grown up :(
Harper and Grandma. Too sweet.