Monday, May 13, 2013

Daddy's Birthday + Mommy's First Mother's Day!

We had a lot of celebrating this weekend!
It was Nick's birthday on Saturday but unfortunately he had to work all day so Harper and I took a little photo shoot for him with some sidewalk chalk and we made him a little goody bucket with gum, chap stick, candy, beer bottle ice cube tray, and energy drinks. All of his favorite things and of course all from Target! Harper, Grandma, and I did a little shopping in honor of his bday.. hehe!
She loves her Daddy!

My glamour girl.
It was also my first official Mother's Day. Nick had to work again so it kind of sucked not being with him but Harper and I hung out all day together. We took naps together, we went to the park with Grandma and Grandpa and we pretty much just had a great day together (which is everyday). My Mother's Day present is finally getting some family pictures taken of the three of us! It might not seem like much, but to Me, gifts are irrelevant. Yes they are nice and they make you feel special for five minutes but when I really think about it, (this might sound cheesy and cliche but its exactly how I feel) I am so incredibly blessed to have Harper as my daughter. She is healthy, beautiful, smart, sweet, and just pretty much the most perfect gift Nick could have ever given Me. I love her so  much it hurts and I love being her Mommy. I have wanted to be a Mommy literally my whole life. As a child I was into baby dolls like no ones business!  I had every baby doll,  clothes, strollers, I even saved my money and bought a real infant car seat at Target when I was like 8. (It was like 20$ dollars at the time. I cant believe they are now like $200.) I have just always had this feeling in me that I was just meant to be a Mom. I truly feel like I have found my calling and my life purpose. Being a Mommy is a million times better than I could have ever imagined, and not to mention a million times harder than I could have ever imagined but it is so worth it!! I hope all my Mommy friends had a fabulous Mother's Day! You are all amazing Momma's and I am so grateful to have you as my friends!

Harper and her babies.She loves dolls already and I'm melting!
Giving her baby a kiss.

It's not a perfect day for me until my girl is in a tutu ;)
The puppies got tired on our walk so they had to hitch a ride with little miss!


  1. Well said, mama!!! I agree! Harper is adorable - as always

  2. I love that she loves dolls already. That's so sweet!