Wednesday, August 28, 2013

College Football Gameday Style

College football season is upon us people! You know what that means....
Outfit planning!!! ;) Isn't that what its all about?!? Well for me these days, it is, because I wont be tailgating and getting wastey pants like a college kid anymore. I'll be at home or at friends enjoying the games with my babe, eating food, and maybe a few drinks but nothing crazy which is perfectly perfect to me!! Since we live in Nebraska our team is the Nebraska Corn Huskers! (not a joke... hehe.) I love how our colors are Red, Black, and White because they are so versatile and you don't have to wear cheesy gear to rep your team. I loathe all that cheesiness too logo'd out items of some sports gear. It makes me cringe!! ughh. I'm more of a wear your team colors in "normal" stylish outfits. I actually like guys in jerseys and their favorite tee, and I am in love with Victoria's Secret Pink Collegiate Collection of girly tees, hoodies, pants, and pretty much everything you could ever want with your favorite teams name slapped on the butt! My sister always sends me cute shirts from their and I love wearing them on game days with jeans or leggings and boots! So easy!
After browsing through all this red, I am so excited for game day and for the season!! I also am wanting a little boy to dress but that could be a whole other post. eek! Can't wait to see every ones game day looks! What team are you rooting for this weekend?!?

Husker Tee | Jeans | Hat | Sunglasses | Watch | Shoes

Top | Leggings | Boots | Beanie | Watch | Lipstick | Sunglasses

Little Man:
Jersey | Jeans | Hat | Shoes

Little Lady:
Dress | Boots | Beanie | Wristlet

Harper's first Husker game day look! She nailed it ;)
One of my absolute favorite pictures of us! Look at her smile!! 
Love my houndstooth Husker hat from iheartmoes on Etsy!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend R e c a p !

Fun fun week/weekend!!! 
Lets get to it in pictures!!!!

Wednesday. We usually have a weekly sushi date with Daddy at our favorite restaurant. Harper ate her first crab crunch roll and she loved it! I usually just give her the rice off the roll but she was not satisfied with that so I just put the whole roll in front of her and she devoured it. I'm glad she loved it because its our fav!

Thursday. Momma had a little wine night with some friends but didn't snap any pics oops.

Friday. I had an amazing girls night out with my besties at Omaha Fashion Week. We had VIP tickets which included free drinks all night. Winning!!! We seriously had soo much fun just talking girl talk and watching cute boys on the runway, sipping cocktails. Amazing night. Oh, except for the fact that im still a nursing mom who didn't feed my baby before heading out so my boobs were so full and  I couldn't wear a bra with my dress so yup, my dress got a little soaked and it was sooo embarrassing!!! I hid it well though because the condensation from my drink kept dripping on my dress around that area so it just looked like water... wah. My girls were laughing so hard but I was mortified. I had to pretty much go pump my boob in the bathroom.... Oh isn't mom life so glamorous!?! It was still an amazing night I definitely need more nights like that with my girls!
We had amazing seats!!
Hi boys!! ;) hehe
Friends since middle school and high school! Love these girls soo much! They are also amazing little aunties to H!
Saturday. We went to a sweet boys first birthday party and Harps had so much fun playing with her friends!! Its so cool that these babes have known each other since they were all born and they were born within 2 months of each other! All of us mommies even had the same doctor and delivered in the same hospital!! Crazy right! We have already decided that this pic will be reoccurring every year until they are 18. ;)
Exactly one year later! Amazing. 
My most favorite picture of the night. Brayden's like, get a room! hahah
Sunday. Lazy town and an amazing photo sesh for Me! 
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!! ....In a Month.

Its officially less than a month (September 20th, mark your calender!) until my 23rd birthday so I think its time for me to countdown!! Except birthdays aren't too exciting for me anymore... I couldn't wait to turn 21 and now I do not get excited about turning a year older but oh well what better way to turn that frown upside down then with a few gifts!! I have two main gifts I am actually needing. 1. A new iPhone. Mine mysteriously went wonky on me and the whole right side of the phone doesn't work so I am constantly battling that problem (ex. weird texts, cant IG from it because I'm scared of what it might turn my comments into) so its pretty much useless to me at this point and I have been functioning solely from my iPad which obviously isn't as convenient so its time for a new phone. 2. New Hunter wellies!! This is a very legit need after the other night while on a photo shoot, usually me walking through tall grass and fields and woods, my foot was caught by a fish hook still on fishing line! ugh. I was so freaked out and of course I shouldn't have been wearing sandals but they are most comfortable for me and its too hot to wear big Ugg boots so it is what it is but I am in need of some Hunter's. Also I just want them for everyday come this fall and winter. Well my amazing Nicholas got them for me yesterday while we were out shopping and I am so excited to have them early and I am now wishing for cooler weather so I can wear them!!!! Now just for the rest of my items to be checked off my birthday wish list! ;)

1. Apple iPhone 5: For obvious reasons. Its really a need, not a want. ;)
2. Kate Spade iPhone 5 case: Obviously my new phone needs a new case! This one is so perfect/funny because Nick is constantly calling me crazy (in the nicest way possible right? haha) whenever I'm asking for stuff like expensive baby clothes or just whatever else he thinks is "crazy" so to me this is so funny! 
3. Hunter 'Original' Rain Boots: Check! I got these in a kids size 5 because A, they are way less expensive than the original women's ($75 compared to $140) and B, I have the skinniest bird leg calves (aka, no calf muscle) so the women's looked so huge on me. It's really a win win!!! And I love the silver! 
4. Kate Spade Tote: Obsessed!!! As soon as I saw this at Von Maur I was head over heels!! I have been needing a camera bag or just a good carry all and this one is so perfect for me to throw all my equipment in plus prop blankets and headband/hats. Ugh. I am lusting so hard over this bag!!! Please please birthday fairies, grant me a wish!!!
5. ExpoDisc: This is my "nerdy photog geek gear need"! I'm pretty sure my techy Dad has this one covered! :)
6. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume: I wish there was a scratch and sniff for this! Yup. Need. It. Now. 

Another huge wish.....
A million dollars! 
No biggie.
I want to be able to financially secure my family and give them everything obviously!!
Be able to send all of my amazing friends I have fallen in love with through blogging and IG packages like they have so sweetly done for us (still working on this). But I would just give them the world for all the support and friendship they have given Me! 
And to go meet everyone or setup a big meet up for our blogger/Instagram community!! That really would be a dream come true!! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Spend the Day with Us!!!!

I always love my fellow Momma blogger's post about their usual day to day life so I thought I would try to document a usual day for us. Actually this was more of a productive day because I actually got both of us dressed and out the door to go pick up my Mom from the airport but pretty much a usual "day in the life" with Harps and I!

We wake up around 730-8 every morning and go upstairs for play time and coffee time! My lifelines in the a.m.
9 a.m.- Harper eats breakfast. Usually fruit or waffles. Today was blueberries in my vintage barney bowl! a 23 year old bowl :)
9:30-10 a.m.- Harper goes down for her morning nap which lasts anywhere from an hour or two. This pic cracks me up with her pants falling off! LOL! (please do not notice the stained crib sheet, so embarrassing but hey, it is what it is).
Mommy's breakfast. I know, so healthy.
I can't believe I am posting this but hey its real life and I took a shower and washed my hair so it should be documented. Eeeek!
I sit in bed and put makeup on. I know its weird but I have always done this and its relaxing for me. See that little mirror on top of my powder? That is my HUGE mirror I use to put my face on! HA! Does anyone else do this?
Around noon- Harper is up from her nap and we eat lunch. Turkey, cheese, puffs, and oyster crackers. p.s. I have no idea why those bunny ears are on the back of her high chair but I'm assuming it has something to do with her silly grandpa.
Mommy's lunch. Frozen pizza. Oh yum....
And of course a Coke in my Starbucks tumbler. I am a coca cola feen. Its bad I know...
1:30 p.m.- A little pant less playtime in baby land before we head to the airport.

2:30 p.m.- And we're off to pick up Grandma!! She usually takes her afternoon nap around this time but she does fine without it (for the most part.) Britax Carseat 
Car selfie. lololol. I hate taking selfies. (Notice all those horn hairs...OMG. I never noticed how bad they were until this pic. Probably because I usually rock a middle part. yikes...)
3:30 p.m.- Picked up Grandma from the airport and of course H got a present!
5:30 p.m.- Winding down at home with the grandparents and a crazy babe.
6 p.m.- Harps getting whiny because she missed her second nap and bedtime is soon!
6:30 p.m.- Yup. Time for a bath and night night.
6:45 p.m.- This girl loves bath time!! She throws a fit when its time to get out.
7:30 p.m.- Harps is out for a few hours...
And now I get a few hours to myself to edit shoots and eat! LOL. I only get to eat when she is sleeping otherwise I have to share everything and I do not want to share my chips or cookies ;)

I know, isn't our life so interesting?!? ;)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Whatever you decide to do. Make sure it makes you Happy."

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This just TOTALLY speaks to me!
So glad this week is over! I don't even know where to begin because usually our weeks are always the same, we nanny, come home, I do a few photo sessions a week and then we have a fun weekend of either relaxing or doing something fun but this week was different... 
First off, last Saturday Nick and I went out to dinner and drinks with our good friends but it turned into us going a little cray with the drinks lol! Ok not really but for us because we never go out or drink 5 beers and a couple cocktails made for a hellish hangover the next day.... It was miserable. I felt so bad for Harper because I laid on the couch in pain all day and she played so nice all day. She is amazing!! Then came Monday... I woke up with a terrible sore throat, got worse all day, came down with a nasty fever and by 5 I was crying to my mom on the phone to get me meds now!! (Your never too old for your mom!) My step dad is luckily a PA so he got the antibiotic and pain relievers flowing and I was hoping to feel better by the next day but wasn't so I had to let my nanny family know I wouldn't make it because I was sick and I didn't want their baby to become sick obviously. I felt so much better by the end of the night, thank goodness! Then came Wednesday... I have been nannying a 5 month old baby since April and Harps would come with me but after some evaluating our happiness (I wrote out the whole story but it felt wrong, its been a real downer and stressor in my life the last couple of months) I will just make it short and sweet, I am a full time SAHM again and I am so much happier to be home full time and now I can totally focus on my photography business and of course my most important job, Harper's Mommy!! 
We've had a busy/lazy weekend of photo shoots and relaxing at home because Daddy had to work and Grandma is out of town so we are bored but she will be back tomorrow! Yay!!
I am so excited to be able to blog more regularly too. I am already planning a "spend the day with us" post for tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
This is why you cannot trust men to take pictures... He couldn't even get out of his chair to snap it! Ugh..
This girl LOVES quesadilla's! Just like Mommy!
My  e v e r y t h i n g !!!!! 
A quiet time within the mess....
La Mesa again Momma... Yup, like twice a week ;)
She is so good at sleeping in her crib now. Last night she didn't wake up till around 3 a.m. and that was because I was just checking on her and she heard the door. So proud!
Here comes the princess!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Harp's 2nd Trip to the Zoo!

On Saturday we went to the Zoo!! Again, for the second time in like a month woooo. Nick's company had a picnic at our zoo and we all got in for 10 dollars which is 30 dollars cheaper than normal which is a total score and they had food for us which is a double score for not having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on nasty food! But the cherry on top was that Nick got the day off from work to take us and it was a special Saturday because he usually works every weekend so we loved the extra day of all being together!! I love this guy so much. He puts up with my picture taking shenanigans and pushes the completely overly packed stroller and chases Harper around so I can take my pics. He's the bestest and I love him so!


So proud of Daddy for taking pics of us. ;)

Her cheeks!!