Friday, April 10, 2015


Hey blog. Its been awhile. I think I am ready to post and share again even though I am a little apprehensive but... this blog isn't to make anyone else happy but myself! I mean I love sharing and and making friends through this blog don't get me wrong, but I blog our life sort of as a memory book. With that being said, its time for a camera roll explosion ;) 

We've had a lot of fun going to museums and finding fun things to do on the weekends when Daddy is at work. 
Lots of inside OOTD's. I can't wait till its warm enough for outside ones again ;)

The pool is always a fun, now I really can't wait for hot summer outdoor pool days!
Makeup makeup and more makeup!

I love when we go and get treats on our family cheat days!!

A spring tease ;) Just warm up already!

This is so funny to me!!! haha
One of the best family days we've had lately. A day at the zoo and then we took Bella to the dog park and it was gorgeous out! 


We went to Tenley's last month for her 2nd birthday party. The trips are always too quick and the girls are just absolutely in love with each other! Love them!

My little doll!!

We took H to her first movie; Cinderella! It was an amazing movie and Harper did so well. She watched and talked and loved it the whole time! 


Probably my favorite new shot. LOVE
We've been to the zoo twice now!
I love it when she is waiting for me by the door when I've been gone all day!
Her new thing lately is that she always wants to go "bye-bye". She wants to be on the go all the time. If we say were going home she freaks and we have to find another activity. Eventually shell say I want to go home now but its so funny how she wants to be doing stuff. That is totally me. I want to be out and about and then after a few hours I'm like, ok, back home please! ;)

We stayed at a hotel for one night a few weeks ago and Harper loved it! She thought it was so fun that we were staying somewhere else but I think was a little confused on where we were exactly. There will be lots of hotel stays this year because whenever I book boudoir photo shoots, we always just use that as a little getaway!
Finally got a costco membership!

Gorgeous day outside <3

Easter was so much fun. Harper was really into coloring eggs with my mom. She got an amazing Easter basket from the Easter bunny ;), we went to church and then her and I went to lunch at our favorite restaurant just the two of us. Daddy had to work so we made the best of it and had a great day! Funny story, she's already on to me about the bunny. She saw the basket and goes, Mommy got that basket, and we told her no the bunny brought it and she says, don't be ridiculous! haha 

Literally, she will sleep anywhere lately!!! This sleeping in cart thing has been a reoccurring occasion and its so funny! Its also kind of amazing because I can get so much more done :)

Always wanting me to hold her. 

Went to target for dish washing soap. left without the soap but got a lot of other junk ;) 

Its been super rainy and gloomy the past three days so were hoping for a sunny warm day so we can enjoy our Friday!!