Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Glamma + {Beauty} Pretty Lips!

In honor of my beautiful Mom's birthday I decided to do my beauty Wednesday post on my favorite lippies's.
My Mom loves a lipcolor! Especially reds and she rocks it! She has been wearing a red lip for my whole life, not just because it is "in". She's just cool like that though ;) I always remember her buying me lip gloss all the time on our weekend shopping spree's when I was growing up. (Mom, can we bring those back...?) She would always need her favorite color, Lancome Raisin about once a month so of course I always needed a Juicy Tube or whatever the newest gloss that had out. Lets just say, my lip gloss was poppin. ;)
(HA. I know cheesy but how can you not say that line in a post about lip colors.) Funny story. One time, My  Mom and I were traveling and her purse needed to be searched by TSA at the airport. They dug out, I'm not even kidding, EIGHT different lip sticks, lip glosses, lip whatevers in the same damn color!! Literally, every single one of them was of a wine, Merlot looking color. It was so embarrassing!! Oh, they eventually found a pair of nail clippers or something that she couldn't take, HA. Good thing it wasn't one of her EIGHT damn lippie's... (eye roll.) Actually I just remembered that this last weekend she was wearing a jacket she hasn't worn in awhile and she reached in the pocket and goes, "what's this?" She pulls out a red lip gloss that my sister had bought her on a little shopping trip when we were in Texas live nine months ago. She's cray I tell ya. I love her so much though and I am so happy that she is my Momma. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOM AND GRANDMA INSIDE AND OUT!! Now go put on some lipstick! 

 Maybelline Baby Lips is one of the most amazing lip products ever! So soft and smooth with a hint of color.
 Lancome Juicy Tubes are a really great lip gloss. They have super glossy and super sparkly shades of every color to choose from. The perfect everyday gloss.
Revlon Lustrous Lipstick is a super cheap great lipstick! It stays on for more than 5 minutes even with eating and drinking. Score!
Liplicious Lip gloss smells like heaven. Of course it does, it's from Bath and BodyWork's. These smell good enough to eat and have a slight color to them so choose your flavor/color wisely! 
 Lancome Color Fever Gloss. My ultimate lip gloss obsession. A million colors to choose from, super silky not sticky at all, and so so pretty! They have every color from super sparkly to just glossy smooth colors. (I would  recommend purchasing this gloss at your local Lancome counter so you can see all the beautiful colors. The Internet does not do it justice.) LOVE!

Harper loves her Glamma :)

Grandma starting H young on the yoga!

Love these two.

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