Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Fair Isle Wonderland

It's snowing today!! Yeah, snow is not really my thing unless i'm on top of a moutain in Colorado on a pair of ski's or a snowboard. That being said, I have a new love. Yes, it is not with a human but with a print. Fair Isle. A tacky, wintery, christmasy print. I love it on everything. Clothes, candles, wrapping paper, stockings, EVERYTHING. I am literally obsessed with this right now. Thank you fair isle creators for this amazingness. I dont know where this obsession came about but it was sparked by an Instagram photo that Allison from A Little Blueberry (fab Blog) posted of a pair of fair isle leggings she was wearing. I saw those and I HAD to have them. I searched the web and found a pair on ebay for $4!!! Yes, four dollars. They are from China and I am still anxiously waiting for their arrival but I cant wait for them to be here!! I compiled a bunch of other cute things I would love to have. Oh hi fair isle Santa. I love you!
I'll leave you with my dolly baby all fancied up for christmas!!

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  1. New follower, I would have to agree that lately this print has been tugging at my heartstrings to buy everything with it on it! & how adorable is your daughter!!