Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's The Little Things {Lazy Summer Days}

Now that it is summer I feel like everything in the world seems a little more chill... Right? OK maybe not because I'm still busy as hell but it just seems a little more relaxed. It probably stems from summer vacay, but wait, I'm not in school anymore so I don't know why I still have that mindset, haha! But that's exactly what we have been doing. Going outside on our free time and just relaxing and being lazy. Thank you summer and warm weather for fun days, tan lines, skinned knees, bath time every night, and great times! Pretty much sums up our "summer" so far and we are loving it! 

sassy pants. Literally. I love this little ruffle booty ;)

Grass between the toes... <3

Yup, this is a staged photo because I really wanted her to wear this bib but she absolutely refused so Bella to the rescue! ha! Hipster Bib (On sale too!!)

Good thing I have two cute little models!!


ick grass Mom!
Thanks for the linkup Jess and Ashley

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