Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Dreaming

Spring... Where art thou??
Today you made an appearance and Harps and I soaked in all of your warmth and sun shining skies. It was a nice change from the bitter cold of winter and I hope you stick around.. sigh. But I heard snow in the forecast this week so boo on you... Instead of being grumpy about more chilly days ahead, I will browse and shop for springtime outfits for me and the babe. It will warm my hear ;) I am dreaming of you spring!! 

Who is over wearing leggings and sweats everyday??? ME!! OK, not really really (because I love my comfy clothes), but I am just so excited for the weather to warm enough to wear my warm comfies like maxi dresses and skirts. I am a sucker for a good flowy maxi. You can dress them up or dress them super casual and I love that versatility. Of course I am always buying myself neutral pieces because I really don't buy myself a lot of clothes (I mean come on, everything is way cuter on an adorable toddler anyways) so when I do I like it to be an item I can wear with many things, in many ways. FYI those famous gold glitter flats from Target from last spring are back (online only) so get them while you can. They will definitely be worn daily around here. And I found a matching pair for mini's on Pinterest! #winning Scooping those up asap. For Harps I love buying her more colorful printed items especially these amazing floral prints I am drooling over! Um, Hello V-neck tee for toddlers! Oh my gah. Adorbs!!! OK, I am done drooling over spring clothes; for now ;)
Can't wait to get back to these kind of days!!

Also in my spring "dreaming". I whipped up this cute background for my computer earlier and I thought I would share. Just right click and save image to save to your computer and set as your wallpaper! Enjoy. P.S.- I am no "designer" or whatever you want to call it but I have been feeling so creative lately so I took my creativity to photoshop and totally loved making this fun pretty picture. Sorry if I start going crazy with these. hehe.

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