Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Season = New Shoes

Now that spring has sprung, not really here actually, so lets just pretend; I have been transitioning Harps closet from winter to spring/summer. She has gone through a major growth spurt recently and I have had to say goodbye to so many clothes (which for some reason makes me emotional). Anyways, while thinking about what I need to get for the upcoming warmer months for her I have been thinking about shoes! I'm not much of a shoe girl myself (my sister has that role covered, lol) but I love toddler shoes and I defiantly think buying "better" shoes for little ones is a must. I would hate for my girl to get blisters and be in pain because of cheap shoes so I usually go for the better quality ones. That doesn't mean I don't love the trendy Old Navy or Gap finds, but those are usually only bought on major clearance and usually for a specific outfit. Last year Harper pretty much lived in her CrocsFreshly Picked Moccs, and Salt Water Sandals so that is pretty much what we will be buying again this year. And a few extras. Sorry Nicholas!!
1. Salt Water Sandals- Such a great sandal for new walkers/toddlers! Last year Harper was a new walker and these were so fab. They never tripped her up or slowed her down and were still in excellent condition at the end of summer and they were worn almost every day. I love that they are also water proof which is a huge plus in my book especially for curious toddlers who love stepping in every puddle and bowls of dog water and ruins shoes... hmm. Harper! LOL.

2. MIni Melissa Ultragirl II- Oh my stars, these are the cutest little things ever!!! We don't have these yet but I have had my eyes on them for months. Now that it is warming up these will be coming home with us shortly!! PS- I am obsessed with this color lately! Swoon.

3. Hunter Rain Boots- Do these really even need an intro?! I love me some Hunter wellies and I think a new pair would be a great addition in case of some chilly rainy days! OK, and they are fun to style!

4. Crocs- I never thought in a million year that the ugliest shoe on the planet could be so cute in toddler size! Last year H had a fake pair from like kohl's or somewhere just for walking around outside and she absolutely loved them so grandma bought her a new pair for this year. She found this almost exact pair (without the lining) at TJ Maxx for $14!! That is such a great find because I think these are really pricey for the way that H wears them. She picks tomatoes with her Grandpa and they go on little adventures and these little gems usually come back covered in dirt and grass so they are great for getting dirty and not having to worry about them getting ruined. 

5. Converse- I am pretty sure my kid is the only one on the planet that does not have a pair of chucks... :/ I haven't been a huge fan of these until recently so I decided this year we will give them a try. Plus we don't have any kind of tennis shoe (because I am not a fan of tennis shoes; so not chic for a little princess like Harper, kidding, kidding) but I think these would be great for going to the park and when she goes to school they have a playground so these are pretty much a must! And the color, to die. :)
We will also be adding another pair of FP moccs soon because they are hands down her most worn shoe and I am the biggest fan of them!! They are worth every single dang penny!!!! 

And since it is Thursday, lets do a little throwback on some of Harps shoes from last year!

First time wearing shoes!
First pair of ugg boots!
One of my most favorite outfits ever, and shoes!
First pair of ballet slippers <3
The famous pink sparkly tennies!
First pair of FP moccs.
Silver glittery tennies!
Jelly sandals! Gold glitter of course ;)
We love Salt Waters!!
Cute cute cute!
Hi gorgeous!!!

Little baby, big chair! In her crocs of course. :)
Our beloved Hunter boots!
And these warm and toasty uggs got us though the winter!

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