Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's The Little Things {Sparkle Baby}

I know this is a day late but I just had to share two "little things" that are brightening my week!

I think I died and went to sparkle heaven when my girl wanted me to paint her toenails like momma's! I found this Selena Gomez Nail Polish in "Confetti Fun" on clearance for $3.89 at Target the other day so I had to grab it because I am a nail polish addict. Especially the "good" brands when they are on sale! Score! And I am so glad I did because have you ever seen anything cuter that mini toes painted in sparkly perfection, didn't think so ;)

And sticking to the sparkly theme, I have found the jackpot of perfect princess Easter candy; Sparkling Jelly Belly jelly beans!!!!! OMG! When I saw these in the Easter aisle at Target yesterday I knew these had to come home with us. They were a little pricey (in my opinion) almost four dollars for a very small bag but whatevs, they are too cute! I know a lot of my instagram peeps were asking about where to find them at Target but still couldn't find them; I randomly spotted them in the little toy section of the Easter section if that makes sense. I found them HERE online for a reference of the bag to look for just in case you can't find them. 

I hope your week is as sparkly and lovely as ours has been so far!! 
Happy Spring!!!!

Thank you for hosting this awesome link up Ashley and Jess !!

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