Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Texas Trip 2014

I am finally feeling back to normal after our 6 day trip to Texas for the holiday. We drove 10 hours to Dallas then 5 more hours the next day to the smallest little down in south Texas. It was a lot of driving but it was worth it. We spent a lot of quality time with my Dad, step mom, and Grandpa that we don't get to see much. We also saw Tenley a little bit but its never enough time with her :( 
We did lots of "country" things like collect chicken eggs, Nick went shooting with my Dad, we slept in my Dad's camper trailer lol (which is actually super nice. I could probably live in one of those), and we also took a day trip to the beach. When we got back to Dallas thursday night, my sister, brother in law, and I went black friday shopping till about 2 am. We got tons of great deals, some for ourself but mostly toys and such for the girls. Hello Disney store! ;) I am so grateful for the wonderful family time we had together as a family of three, and with our extended family! Never enough, but great quality time and memory making that we will never forget!

(mostly iPhone and a few big camera pics. I hope to post all of the awesome beach pics I got soon)

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!
On the road...

McDonalds pit stops, super classy outfit included ;)

Seriously BFF's!!
She loves her aunt Tera so much. #uglycry
I shared this on insta, but she was so tired her tongue was out (I've never seen her do this before) and she was talking in her sleep saying, "Princess Anna's here!" over and over! So cute!

curing boredom!!
Every. Fam. Pic.... Can we ever get a normal smiling one!? lolz
Off to the TX beach. Cowboy boots are a necessity, yes!

Best day ever! My heart was so full of joy seeing her have so much fun. Looking at these photos brings all those emotions back up and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

A slight meltdown but we're good :)

On our way home. It's always bittersweet.
:( :( :( :(

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