Monday, January 28, 2013

Harper's First Swim!

                                                                      Happy Monday!!
Is anyone else counting down the days to warmer, sunnier, non snow days? I know I am.
Cabin fever is such a bitch! I wish Harp's and I could go on walks or even just go outside without being frostbitten...
Well to cure our winter blues we went swimming for the first time! (Second time to a pool but she slept through the first time.) My Mom took us to Lifetime Fitness where she teaches yoga and they have a huge indoor pool. Harper loves bath time so I figured she would love the pool water too. Yup, she loved it. She actually loved watching all the other kids the most but it was very fun and I cant wait to go again hopefully this weekend. I also want to start swimming lessons but I might wait until the fall just to give us something to do once it gets chilly again. I am also obsessed with baby swimsuits! Harper got her first bikini before she was even born. Of course she had to wear it to the pool when she was about five weeks old but she just slept in the stroller the whole time and we only stayed for about an hour. She now has three swimsuits and one was a gift from our amazing friend Tara, who I met on Instagram. She sent Harper the cutest swimsuit and I cant wait for her to wear it!!

First time in my yellow polka dot bikini at 5 weeks old.

 First time swimming. Six months old.

Excuse my nastiness... I cant believe I went in public with a bikini on... but I'm glad I will have those pictures of us someday! I cant wait for Summer 2013. I will have a one year old!! omg...

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  1. Ahh, I'm loving her litte swimsuits :) I can not wait to take Keigan!! Hurry up summertime!!!!