Saturday, June 1, 2013

Walker Alert!!!!

Happy Saturday!
We are having a chill day and plan on doing nothing. THE best kinda days, especially when the weather has been rainy for a week! Sun, please come out now! Actually it did last night so we took advantage and went outside to play with Gma. Oh yeah and did I mention we have a full blown WALKER on our hands!!! Yes, Harper is actually a little human now at 11 months old! ;) I am such a proud Mommy that my girl is walking and not just a few steps here and there, full on walking everywhere and its the cutest damn thing I've ever seen! She does still fall on her butt occasionally but she gets her cute little booty right back up and is on the move! It's so hard for me to capture her because she is so fast but the grass slowed her down so I finally got to catch her in action. I love this boo so much and I am so proud of her! She will also be ONE in 24 days!!!! OMG, I'm gonna go cry now... where did my itty bitty baby go...


  1. omg so cute! I can't wait for Mya to start walking!

  2. Yay Harper!! How exciting!