Sunday, June 2, 2013

We love lazy weekends.

No weekend, please don't end.. :(
We didn't do much this weekend due to rainy weather, and laziness. ;) We of course had a Target trip bought lots of stuff we didn't need and today we went to Trader Joe's to get out of the house and for of course a three dollar bottle of wine for Mama! (Mmm, enjoying it now while Harper is sleeping in her pack N play in our room which is nothing short of a small miracle. But you better believe as soon as I post this I am going to swoop her up and put her into bed with Me. We really are attached). She also walked her tushy off around the outdoor shopping mall. It was so fun for her and every time I would pick her up she would wiggle and whine until I put her back down. Umm, Harp's, your still my baby remember! She also waved and had to say "Hi" to everyone. My little social butterfly :) Love her to pieces. The countdown is officially on till her FIRST BIRTHDAY! 22 days...

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  1. Mya loves saying hi and waving at everyone too. Makes their day! Are you loving your new camera?!